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Let's Learn Japanese!

Hello guys, I've submitted an application to teach Japanese with Duolingo. I've lived here in Japan almost 9 years and work as a Japanese to English translator. I've also worked as a teacher and I'm really excited about the possibility of helping people out!

Just trying to get a feel for the potential Japanese learning community here: How many of you are looking forward to a Japanese language tree? Are there many of you out there also looking to contribute?

Cheers for your responses! 宜しくお願いします!

March 22, 2015



Yes, Japanese along with more other Asian languages need to be released, because all of the courses that are currently on the app are just European languages! I personally submitted an application to be a developer for a mandarin course which is probably the most important language for English speakers to learn, I hope others want to do the same.


I think it might be way harder to adapt Duolingo to Mandarin ... at least in Japanese you could start off with hiragana/katakana and introduce kanji gradually. I suppose the only way is to start off with pinyin and have a mixed pinyin/characters system initially?


One should be able to start with the characters right away if they get a Chinese course. Or at least a combination of characters and Pinyin.


I think I want to do laten after I do Spanish


Check this app out! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/chineseskill-learn-mandarin/id777111034?mt=8

It's just like duo, but to learn Chinese! Free!


Check this app out! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/chineseskill-learn-mandarin/id777111034?mt=8

It's just like duo, but to learn Chinese! Free!


I've used that app before - it's very good for someone looking to get a basic understanding of Chinese!


To learn Chinese!!! Never in a million years! Are you out of your mind?


Can't use it with a computer though.


Check out memrise.com, they have Mandarin Chinese that you can learn till duolingo releases it :) There are some official courses made by the website, and some nonofficial courses made by other users.


I would look forward to a Japanese tree :D I signed up yesterday and I really like all this site has to offer so far, Japanese would be a good addition I think c:


Japan is supposedly going to be doing a big cultural push to market itself to the world in the lead up to becoming an Olympic host country. Seems like an excellent time to prepare Japanese language materials :)


Yes, just yesterday I learned that civil servants in Tokyo have started to take English courses intensively.


Really?What a cool little fact!


Yes, Japanese is one of the languages I am interested in. Absolutely thrilled that you are interested in helping us out! The English from Japanese Beta course is what I have to use now, but I can only do very basic levels and I am sure that once the Japanese from English course comes out that I will be able to progress much more quickly.


dang boi you are really a polyglot C:


I would love to learn Japanese! It's one of the languages on my languages-to-learn list. I love everything about Japan, too.


I'd be absolutely thrilled if they added Japanese.


For the love of god I really hope you get chosen. It's taken too long for duolingo to put this on the incubator.


Would love to learn Japanese, currently I'm using Human Japanese, http://www.mainichi.me/ , as well as OneNote and translation books and some random, unorganized android apps (really the reason Duolingo needs to add it) that remove a lot of the structure needed to really learn.



Thank you for pointing these out, they'd be really useful to compare what we need to accomplish for users to really internalize everything.


Same here, plus using Anki flashcards ( https://ankiweb.net/shared/decks/japanese%20core%202000) and books. 'Making sense of Japanese' by Jay Rubin is a good book for a bit more advanced students. Still, I really would like a more structured course that allows me to write full sentences...


Have a go of memrise :-) They have both official and user-made japanese courses. I'm currently doing 9 of them every day. It'd be a good place to learn Japanese till Duolingo gets it done!


Japanese !!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you for applying, I'm very keen to use Duolingo to practice Japanese! :)


I would love to learn Japanese!


Duolingo definitely needs a Japanese Course!!! I really think that many of us would be extremely happy about it!!! And yes... I am one of them :D!


I work at a japanese boarding school and would find Japanese very helpful.


Try memrise.com until duolingo creates it :)


I would love to learn Japanese. I took two Japanese courses at my school and I loved them! It is such a beautiful language and I really want to visit Japan. I love Japanese culture so much. I think if Duolingo added Japanese they would get many learners because it is a really popular language :)


I'd love to see that course! I'm using the English for Japanese tree as well as some other resources at the moment, but a Japanese for English tree would make progressing easier.


After I master German, Japanse would without a doubt be next on my list


I've been taking Japanese now for three years, and I would LOVE a way to keep practicing it if I cannot enroll in it this upcoming school year! がんばって!楽しみに!


Hey, check out memrise.com! It's a place full of both official and user-made courses for languages (and basically any other thing you need to remember). It'd be a good place to practice in the meantime!


Yes, I want to learn Japanese language here.


I would LOVE to learn Japanese! Definately looking forward to a tree!


The course of Japanese for English speakers has just (2017, February 2nd) entered the Incub.

Note: This time it's not a bug: it has contributors and one of them confirmed it's not a bug. ;)


YES! :D I just went and check to see it for myself and it's there!!!


I've been learning Japanese on and off the last few years. I would love to have a structured course. I hope you get chosen.


I have attempted to learn Japanese for years. While I have some knowledge of vocabulary and verb conjugation, the grammar is, in my opinion, the most difficult part.

I think Duolingo would work because the format is designed to teach sentence structure holistically, which is something I've been missing in past lessons. I would be so thankful to study Japanese on this site!


Personally I would do Japanese later on in life, but my sister would love for Japanese to be on here


Awesome! I'd be super excited to see Japanese offerred here! :D


I want to start learning Japanese yesterday! Waiting for this course!


it would be great




Japanese is incredibly appealing to me to learn, how will it work though? I would imagine having a Latin script computer keyboard will make it kinda complicated


Apple also has 'Japanese keyboard' additional capabilities. On the other hand I am hoping it could be configured so that as you type using English characters it will shift into kana, like typing "se" will convert into せ on your screen. Either way one would have to know the reading to create the character properly. Perhaps a shift key on the screen could be used for katakana and write セ instead.


that's how it works. if you type "se" it will suggest せ, セ, and works (including kanji) that begin with せ and you tap on the one you want. if you enter more, then the suggestions become more specific.


Not just Apple, Microsoft does as well, so it could work. Maybe some instructions for how to put Microsoft/Apple computers and keyboards into the IME so that people could just type it in?


Yes, in the apple Japanese keyboard there is katakana, you just have to use the Hiragana keyboard, press shift and write the words in capitals for it to show up as kana. o-sutoraria おーすとらりあ. becomes O-SUTORARIA オーストラリア. Also, when you write sounds in Hiragana, just like on a Japanese keyboard it changes from romaji/english characters and into hiragana (e.g. writing 'imouto' seamlessly and normally with hiragana keyboard:いもうと。If you press space, it will come up with a list of alternatives that you can choose (e.g. Kana, romaji or Katakana alternatives) so that it can change to something like this: 妹


Android supports displaying the characters through unicode and there's also https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.inputmethod.japanese&hl=en

But since it would probably be too cumbersome to ask users to install another keyboard, they could either use romanji ("ka" to represent か) which I wouldn't recommend, or they could do what Memrise does and include their own keyboard within the app to enter characters.

I imagine they would just do the opposite of whatever they do for the English for Japanese course.


I've used romaji to enter Japanese for almost 20 years and haven't found it to be a huge problem (granted, I don't use Japanese on a day-to-day basis). I do the same for Chinese and Korean (I find it much easier to use a romanized entry system even if it takes a few more keystrokes, especially if your keyboard keys aren't labelled). The exception is Korean on the iPhone - because the iPhone brings up the hangul keyboard automatically, I've grudgingly adapted.


Please, please, please to Poseidon do this!


I'm a native Japanese speaker, so I guess I could contribute. I just don't know how Duolingo can be used to teach people Japanese. What is the goal? ~ 2000 kanji's? or less kanji's with emphasis on conversational skills? For example, every language tree has a section on "occupations" in Japanese, people would learn words like, 先生、農家、教授、etc ? Well, I guess it can be done if we put hiragana, too. (せんせい、のうか、きょうじゅ)

In any case, I hope the course won't use romaji (writing Japanese in Latin alphabet) at all. From what I have seen, romaji only hinders the learning progress. I would have people learn ひらがな and カタカナ first, then slowly increase the number of 漢字。


Yeah, I was hoping the first couple of units could be devoted to learning hiragana and katakana. Then when the first words are added, perhaps a little drop down 'keyboard function' could work, or you could type your words with English characters and they automatically shift into the characters for writing practice. Then after a word is learned in hiragana, perhaps it can be introduced in the next unit with accompanying kanji along with new sentences? I think the course has been delayed so far because of these problems, but I also think it will be up to contributors to work it out! Very happy to hear from you.


So, I've submitted an application for "Japanese for English Speakers." What you described sounds like Japanese IME. Maybe we can have a link to "how to type in Japanese" ? I guess a basic knowledge of romaji is necessary because with IME or on Iphone, you type as you would in Romaji, then pick the best choice and enter. I just don't want Duolingo to be like one of those textbooks that teach Japanese in romaji. After people are exposed so much with Romaji, they seem too comfortable with them and avoid kanji or even hiragana! Well, you live in Japan so you know how useless Romaji is in real life... I think we can stick with minimal kanjis (don't know how many) but maybe make a bunch of bonus lessons for those who want to learn more kanjis, vocabs, etc..

I think all the kanjis should be shown with hiranaga below them. If people remember hiragana, they can look up the kanji if they forget it later.


You're right! My thought was, looking at the other trees, that the goal could be reading newspapers or Wikipedia articles or webpages. In that case romaji is utterly useless (and it is in general anyway.) I'm just trying to think of a method where people don't have to click the characters individually like the accented characters under the writing boxes of other language trees.


I like the idea of that goal. I can see how people would benefit if they can read Japanese websites by themselves as most of those are written only in Japanese. If Duolingo can implement something like Japanese IME, it would be great. In these days, being able to type/text in Japanese is a skill a Japanese learner should learn, too.

By the way, I haven't read all the posts but how many people showed interest in contributing? I have seen courses with only two contributors so if it comes down to just two of us, we could still create a course in theory. Have you heard anything back from Duolingo after you submitted your application? I wonder how long it takes for them to get back. I hope they think my Japanese and English are good enough haha.


I passed JLPT 1 (old system; before the new 5 level system) around 15 years ago. I definitely can't consider myself a native speaker (it took me 3 tries to pass!), so not sure if I'm qualified to help.

I've always typed Japanese using romaji and I assume that'll be the easiest rather than learning a kana keyboard. I think in this day and age, it would be sufficient for people to be able to recognize kanji (identify the reading and pick the right kanji when typing in romaji/kana). That's how I completed the English from Japanese tree anyway.


I truly hope that romaji is taught with the course, and that people who want to learn it aren't denied that possibility.


I first came to Duolingo precisely to check if there was Japanese. I think it would definitely be successful (besides, the internet is full of people obsessed with manga/anime and all things japanese).

The problem is whether it would work using duolingo's model. I think it could work very well if instead of absolute beginners the user had to be able to read hiragana and katakana as a prerequesite (easy to find a chart, and if there are any mispronunciations the user would quickly correct them thanks to Duolingo!).

I learned japanese for one year (kana only, with the odd very basic kanji like 人), and then tried to learn kanji using an app called iKanji touch that makes you learn kanji by grades and has a virtual card for each one with meanings, radical, example of usage and stroke order, and makes you work on meanings, readings, compounds and stroke order. The app was great however I gave up because without a context (there were examples, but most of them used words I did not know!) I just couldn't remember them all. Only when a kanji that was used in words I already knew very well showed up (ex: gakusei) did I manage to retain them.

So, unless duolingo plans to expand beyond the basic course for each language, I think a japanese course should definitely exist but stick to kana. Duolingo would actually be GREAT for kanji but it would need a course of its own, making us repeat the different readings of kanjis in different contexts to exhaustion.


My idea thus far is to have the first two units teach hiragana and katakana, then later on for example ... The moon is round , we learn つき in one unit, then the word まるい is introduced and one of the selections is 月=つき, so round in hiragana and then tsuki is incorporated as 月がまるい and in a following skill まるい is taught as 丸い instead. I'm also considering kind of intermediate tiers such as the Italian ones with idioms where you just learn a whole bunch of kanji before moving to the next checkpoint, but of course I would have to check all of this with Duolingo.


Hello! Jeshistar-san. I feel you are considering about this problem very deeply and carefully. If there is a tree learning Japanese for English speaker, it is no similar to simple reverse form of English for Japanese speaker. What do you want to let learners do? ― Reading newspapers, wiki articles etc.? Getting used to kanjis? Speaking normal conversation? ― You seem to look for the most effective learning method with duo. Since I heard your idea “the moon is round,” I imaged a tree. Though I don’t know how you have been studying Japanese with respectable patience, at first you sprinkle the grammars on the small five trees. And then when each little tree has 10 skills and each skill includes 20 kanjis in the appropriate sentences, they can learn 1000 kanjis together with grammar after all. The number of 1000 is an index since we learned these as the foundation of daily using characters at elementary school. In this plan the most difficult points are choosing the words and constructing the sentences. A reference book for Japanese children helps this work but you might still have hard time with it. It needs at least two or three more persons who have ability as well as you have. But if you can complete this huge puzzle, the tree is like “Sagrada Familia.” Japanese is NOT difficult, however, explaining about it systematically is so hard. I don’t have knowledge by your side but I wanted to give you some tips even if these make sense little. I wish my childish English would reach your heart. 色々と考えてみられると良いかと思います。がんばりすぎないように、がんばってください!


コメントありがとうございます、ユッキーさん!頑張ります! 千字文 is a good goal. I like the idea of adding 20 kanji for each skill. Duolingo's system should act like flash cards so people can remember those characters, then after that we just need to add grammar points and vocabulary. I think some things (like teaching は・が) would be difficult for English speakers, so I want to think of it from the point of what English speakers struggle with when learning Japanese too. I would be very happy if you joined the team! 是非参加してください!


お返事ありがとうございます! ジェシスターさん(という読みでいいのでしょうか?)。 I’m glad you thought about my suggestion and thank you for invitation to join the team. But actually I wrote the comment with consulting a dictionary for a long time and I struggled with “a” or “the.”(like は・が for you?) My English skill is low level and I don’t have enough time currently. So I can’t join the team. Sorry. But I appreciate your passion!! If you had always the passion with calmness you could find appropriate contributors. “1000 kanji” is only my calculation. Think carefully how it goes “concretely.” When it has some troubles, throw away it at once and tailor another new tree. Waiting time is not loss time. It always gives you a better idea. I think it is meaningful that you sometimes post such a theme that has some reality. The people who are interested in this theme would follow you patiently. When I notice something, I may mention it again. Although you must have been studied harder than me, I said you various things. すみません^^; くれぐれもムリはしないでください。応援しています!


Hey Jeshistar, this sounds like a great idea! I am personally unfamiliar with Duolingo's capabilities, but I wonder if it is possible to have multiple correct answers for an item. For example could "friend" be correctly input as 友達、友だち、ともだち、or even tomodachi? I think that multiple correct answers would make the course more accessible.

I personally dislike romaji, while I admit it has uses, I hope it is not forced on us like it often is with Japanese learning resources.


Multiple correct answers are definitely OK. The English from Japanese tree accepts that. And even in languages without the kana/kanji issue, there are often multiple correct answers for all sorts of other reasons.


Awesome! Thank you for letting me know.


That's an interesting idea, although I wonder how in future they might also do Chinese language trees. Pinyin? We could stick to Kana, or maybe there can be two language trees, a kana tree and a subsequent kanji tree. My only idea thus far is to teach words in kana like ひと for one skill and then introduce it as 人 for the next skill set.


おひさしぶりです。 (^_^)/ Do you have already a rough idea of example sentences? About these I have no idea because I’m not an English speaker after all, but I can image a tree to let people learn kanji from kana step by step, however, I don’t want to say it now because I don’t want to fix any idea of yours.

Here are various people who want to learn it and just stand the front of the door with curiosity, who have learned it previously, who are learning it now by modern tools … . And what I want to say you is that you try to put up a new thread and calling the people who know the difficulties of learning it. Up to now I have met or seen active learners on duo and I also guess that there are some persons who have learned it although they retired before.

The themes of new thread are two.

  1. What is the most struggled point when you learn kanji from kana? And what do you wish for on duo?

  2. If you plan Japanese tree, what shape is it?

I think it is better to take for a while between the two questions. (In short, there are two threads in the time difference.)

If you have already selected the actually sentences and found out teaching order of grammar points even though only in your brain mistily (maybe for example from reference books you had used?), the discussion would be worth. Even if you have not done it yet, it still makes some sense. I may mention my tree as one idea when I think it is useful for the people.

(Personally I wish more persons who know both languages to join the discussion as well. … Are they busy to learn other languages? I’m a little tired to write English. (´・ω・`) )

Well … all is if you want.


Come on let's get this incubator going it's been a year of waiting


I'd like to :D


I'm interested.


I would love to learn Japanese


I'm learning Japanese, I think I'm learning Japanese, I really think so!


I'd love to practice Japanese with Duolingo!

Please include Romaji with the lessons. Purely Japanese character do not work well with European keyboards.


Windows comes with Japanese IME, in which you would type as Romaji, but the output can be hiragana, katakana or kanji (hitting the space bar will enable you to pick the right kanji/katakana, or leave it as hiragana). Maybe we can have a sticky note on how to type in Japanese.


That is a good idea. Any other method for typing Japanese script with a Latin keyboard would be... awkward.


I hope Japanese gets put on soon. I wanna learn it just so I can watch Anime without Subtitles


Isn't that why we all want to learn Japanese? I feel like a lot of us have interests in Anime and Manga, including me.


Japanese entertainment and Business guys, they have good company's too, Sony, Toyota, Hitachi, Toshiba, Panasonic and more. :)


I've been waiting for a Japanese course to be developed for over 2 years... My life was forever changed when I had a Japanese exchange student come stay with my family when I was 13 years old. Misako was a very kind, sweet, caring girl, and she opened my eyes to the amazing culture of Japan. I would really love it if a Japanese course was developed. I'm dying to learn Japanese. I love anime, manga, Japanese food, and the culture. I want to go there some day, and I think knowing the Japanese language would enrich my experience. Please, please, please someone develop a course for the wonderful Japanese language!


I am learning Japanese on Memrise.com. They teach Japanese courses and they even have courses to help you learn the JLPT N5, N4, N3, N2, and N1 readings and vocab. It makes learning Japanese SO easy and really fun! You should check it out.


I would also recommend Human Japanese, it is a very good way to learn. It reassures you every step and makes sure you understand everything before moving on.


I want to learn japanese thats the only reason i got on here


I'd love to learn Japanese c:


my friends son would like to learn conversational Japanese !


I think adding a Japanese tree would be a really great addition to Duolingo. I studied Japanese for 5 years and traveled to Japan on two occasions, however I haven't studied it in a year and I can already notice my skill level eroding. I really look forward to a Japanese tree so that I can regain my skill and further my knowledge! :)


Here is an update from Kippis-san, a contributor for the English for Japanese course: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/7862207

He gave info on the state of the current course and on the Japanese for English course. Check it out if you have not already.


Thank you very much! I'm looking forward to contributing to its development! 宜しくお願いします♪


I speak Japanese as well and would definitely contribute. I'm not fluent but JLTP N3 level. They should totally add Japanese. I mean they are adding Klingon so why not right! ヅオリンゴ日本語加えれば必ずやいいよ。そんなやべ~って思う。


Yes, please! Duolingo is fantastic, but the only problem for me is that there's no Japanese! I'm already learning it (really slowly), but a course on Duo is exactly what I need. ^^


Japanese would be incredible. I joined Duolingo hoping that Japanese would be on of the courses offered, and was sad to realized it wasn't. I hope there is some push for this in the future!


日本語のコースお願いします! I Really abhor studying from things like Genki, but this, my favorite language learning platform, has never had Japanese available. Yet I'm going to tutor students beginning Japanese and now don't have any efficient daily practice (I've been switching my language to Japanese and reverse-engineering the lesson for English since I took up Turkish a few days ago...)


It'd be an awesome way to practice so I don't forget it all!


I am VERY interested


I should probably disable them, but I got emails with new comments on this thread. One of them brought up concerns with the three writing systems and, without ever being a course contributor before, I have some ideas I think wouldn't require extra coding by Duolingo. The first is to put a link to the hiragana-romaji, katakana-hiragana basic charts instead of trying to teach 60+ characters via Duolingo. The second is something I'm sure python can easily do, but am unsure if a contributor can implement on their own: whenever there is kanji, set it up so furigana (I think called ruby text) shows when the word is hovered over--and then English when clicked, as usual. No kanji is then necessary to know, but users should inevitably learn quite a few just by going through the trees, and most hiragana will be learned. If a contributor knows the ease these can be done, please let me know!


A Japanese course here would be wounderful!.. i'm learning Japanese for over a year now; i use duolingo now to refresh my French skills; if there will be a Japanese here, then please use hiragana, katakana & kanji


I'd love to learn Japanese! I hope to one day live and work in Japan, so please do work on this if you can!


Yes please! This would be amazing! :) I took 2 years in highschool a while back but have long since forgot most all of it... would be lovely to have a duolingo course for it!


Hi! I'm new here. I came hoping there'd be a Japanese course, for now I'm taking French which, as a Canadian, I already know quite a bit. I will help my French get better until a Japanese course comes out.

I want to also mention that I feel Japanese would really make the site boom. Not only is it insanely good for people in business, with the rise in gaming I find many people want to learn the language for that reason as well.

To the Duolingo team: I really hope this language is installed in the future.

Thank you!


I would be so happy if Duolingo would add in the Japanese language into their tree. I used to study it long ago but my class was stopped because my Sensei is spending most of her time with her family. Not that I'm upset but I do miss my once-a-week escape to Nihon land and just converse in that beautiful language. I've gotten so rusty since I don't really have anyone to converse with. So, I think the Japanese language will be a great addition :)


Hey guys, just letting you know that there is a good site called memrise.com that you can easily learn to learn Japanese until Duolingo does. There is both official courses and fan-made courses, I am currently learning 9 Japanese courses a day. Just look up 'Japanese' to find all of them :) My profile is Bridgett777053 if you would like to see the ones I am learning. I learnt hiragana in four days (though i find it hard remembering a select few and writing them on the spot, i can recognise the whole alphabet) and am still reviewing the alphabet every day to refresh my memory. It's best to start with Hiragana courses, then go on to Katakana, then Kanji (learning words on the way with all of these). Memrise is also great for remembering other things other than languages, too, such as the periodic table. Check it out for now!


Hey Bridgett. Thanks for letting us know about the memrise website. Although there some problems (like the lady would pronounced the character "う" as jinja instead of "u" but the guy is pronouncing it correctly), I think it's pretty good so far. It's nice to be able to brush up on my Japanese again. Can't wait for Duo to launch this course. It would be easier for me to keep track on my progress in one website :)


Half Japanese person here and I would love to be able to learn this language through this program.


I have been using DL for 1 year and started learning Spanish while waiting for Japanese (my main interest). I'm a bit disappointed as it seems that there is still no hope for a Japanese course in sight.

I switched to the Mondly App 3 days ago to support my new year resolution to learn Japanese. There is some free part but the subscription is not too expensive for something that is so important to me. It looks like DL, a bit more fancy and feature rich.

I'll probably give up on DL if Mondly does the job.


Looks nice. Have you found however what is the minimum JLPT proficiency level (N1, ..., N5) it does guarantee at the end of their course?


Japanese would be a good language to learn.


I agree. I love the Japanese language. I waited for Duolingo Japanese for a long time... and I wasn't completely satisfied with the app when it's out. Its robotic voice seriously annoys me. Then I learned about this app from Reddit called "LingoDeer".. It exceeded my expectation as it does everything Duolingo doesn't do very well with Japanese. It's even completely free and ad-free. You guys should get it before it starts asking for subscription fees, seriously.


Thank you for the recommendation bro. I'll check it out


I hope it's available on the computer or on the iphone soon. This is exciting news. And in the meantime, step it up, duolingo!


well im from the philippines. but you gotta hope for that.


im Nyle. my father is Artchie


my mom is Donalyn our sur name is Banania


Japanese is THE language I want to learn. It is so melodic !


I studied Japanese for five years, but I haven't had a good place to practice in a while. I'd love to get a Japanese language tree on Duo! (And help out wherever I can)


I'm in the same position! (Except just under 5 years) I only just t started duolingo for fun for Spanish and I went looking for a Japanese course.

[deactivated user]

    you can learn Japanese now.


    What?! I thought it was still in the incubator?! I'm so excited, though!


    I thought it was still in the incubator?!

    It is.

    But staff decided to not use their usual alpha-test method (which inviting up to 3 users inside the incubator and alpha-test it from there) but rather to open if to far more alpha-testers and it seems that, in order to allow that, they had to (technically) open to everybody the course. They just "hide" all links to it but it is open as long as you know how to access it without any link.

    However, by not sharing publicly the way to access it, staff clearly shows that they'd like us to not access this UNFINISHED course (except for those that have been selected to be alpha-testers).


    It's almost in beta.

    [deactivated user]

      but you can learn now !!!

      [deactivated user]

        there is a method to sneak in. see ? I have the Japanese course and it is in level 3. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22162372


        OMG, how? HOW? Dyyyyying here. LOL

        [deactivated user]

          there is a method to sneak in. see ? I have the Japanese course and it is in level 3. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22162372


          You'd be a great contributor!


          I need to learn Japanese so I won't have to read the subtitles for anime anymore.



          also i already prepared couple anime shows to watch after i learn Japanese a little .)


          Onegai shimasu! <3 Ureshii desu yo! =D


          Are you planning on tailoring the course toward preparation for the JLPT?


          Is that something you're interested in? I'm sure we could take into consideration what's required to be learned and hopefully the highest tiers would be JLPT N1 or a high N2 at the very least.


          having done the trees in other languages, i doubt duolingo would get you anywhere close to N2 ...


          Yes, I was expecting that a Duolingo course might contain all the material needed to sit for the N5, or possibly N4, level without the need for outside study, but if Jeshistar and the other members of Team Japanese think they can go further than that, I would not object.

          I don't know if I will ever take the JLPT, but, since the material upon which each level tests (kanji lists, vocab, grammatical concepts etc.) is so widely published, I view it as a common core that foreign learners should be reasonably expected to know


          I also have references for frequency of characters and their level equivalent in school, at least for kanji. Here I have access to children's Japanese books to see how they learn their own language/at what level etc. too, so there's that to consider. Yukkiisan suggested adding at least 20 kanji per skill level (which is fine with the flash card-like system of Duolingo, I feel. Yukkiisan suggested 1000, which would bring us to the end of elementary school and to an N2 level. At the very least I'd like to aim for 650, which would be N3.


          650-1000 kanji sounds like a good goal for a tree of similar length and subject matter to the existing trees. the only problem I anticipate is that skills such "Medical", "Education" and "Economics", which in European languages feature mostly "free"/"low cost" (i.e. Latin based/ similar to English) vocabulary gains, might require going outside the (approximately) 1000 kanji on elementary education lists. This isn't much of a problem, but it might mean that the 1000ish learned kanji wouldn't entirely match the elementary list.

          Nonetheless, kanji are largely their own field of instruction, and people interested in learning the entire "General Use" list or more will go to one of the many other resources devoted specifically to that subject. Personally, I prefer the "Heisig method", but that is mostly because I have already purchased all of James Heisig's books and have them sitting on my shelf. There are many other instruction methods available, and some are arguably better.

          Incidentally, I have stopped and restarted studying Heisig a few times over the years and my current number of kanji retained is probably somewhere around 650. Being able to use kanji repeatedly in real sentences (as in a Duolingo course) would be a definite boost to actual reading fluency.


          I studied Japanese for almost 6 years in high school and college. I finished the English tree in Japanese; am looking forward to doing a Japanese tree in English.


          I am also wondering how Duolingo will deal with things like honorifics and the polite/plain verb endings. Duolingo's focus on translating would make it tricky. I suppose you have have stuff like "The dog is big (polite)" (犬は大きいです) and "The dog is big (plain)" (犬は大きい) as the English to be translated but that would be a departure from how Duolingo works.


          I think it's safe to stick with です/ます form. It's never rude or overly polite. Inspecting the variations, or learning 敬語 would be beyond our scope. です/ます form is not seen often in written form but once you're familiar with this form, you would have no problem reading the other form (ex. 犬は大きい simpler, but it can sound a bit rude if spoken this way)


          I feel like 敬語/謙譲語 is pretty common in Japan. I'm thinking those subway announcements "間も無く電車が参ります。危ないですからご注意ください" as opposed the simpler "間も無く電車が来ます。危ないから注意して下さい". But maybe even that is too advanced for duolingo ...


          Maybe common announcements in the train can be learned in a bonus lesson. People have different purposes for learning Japanese. I don't think learning 敬語/謙譲語 would be of common interest for most people. I looked up on the level for "English for Japanese" course and it's said the level people can gain is about that for highschool entrance exam. That's pretty low, compared to the level people would need for TOEFL, etc... So I'm thinking N1 or N2 would be too advanced. For N1, you need to learn ~2000 kanjis, 10,000 words, 1000 kanjis and 6000 words for N2. N4 looks like the best scope for Duolingo (300 kanjis and 1500 words). It's at the level that you can have useful daily conversations and read/write simple paragraphs. I think this level would be sufficient if someone wants to travel to Japan. (other duolingo courses provide 2000~3000. We could push it to N3, but N2 would be too advanced). I understand people wanting to pass N2 because most Japanese company, if they want to hire a foreigner other than as an English teacher, want him/her to pass at least N2, but he/she will have to put extra effort outside Duolingo. In Japan, we spend 6 years in elementary school to cover ~1000 kanjis and another ~1000 in 3 years in middle school. I met a girl who passed N2 after 8 semesters of Japanese class at a university and I was pretty impressed. That being said, I don't want to discourage anyone from studying Japanese. The spoken part of the language is very easy and you don't need all the kanjis to communicate with the locals besides, I think it'd be a rewarding experience. Japanese love foreigners who try our language.


          Wow! Very interesting topic! I think Japanese is a wonderful (yet difficult because of it's alphabet), beautiful language to learn! So, Herzlichen Glückwunsch!


          WOW!!! Japanese is definitely the language that I need!


          How many of you are looking forward to a Japanese language tree?

          Already up to 限定詞 in the reverse tree. You can probably guess my answer. :P


          I for one would love to attempt Japanese! As I'm an advanced German speaker I feel that I would like to really challenge myself with something that doesn't use the Latin alphabet.


          I wish that Duolingo would make a Japanese course! I've been looking for one ever since I joined Duolingo!


          Japanese would be great, I'm going be living in Japan with my cousin for my last year of school .... self teaching is really hard!

          • 1455

          I am currently taking extra Japanese classes in university and I would love to see this course being released on Duolingo. Although my knowledge is still limited, I would love to help out.


          I would absolutely love if Japanese- pronunciation (auditory), romaji, hiragana, and katakana, was added to Duolingo. To be honest, this is the only truly effective language learning structure/platform that helps me with languages. The style is unique and it helps me. It would be amazing if Duolingo would contemplate on adding Japanese. (Plus, to be honest, I would like to be able to understand anime without the subs and manga without the translation.)


          Please offer Japanese to Duolingo!! I would love to learn it. I'm trying to be self taught and using this app is amazing while also trying to learn Spanish and Norwegian!


          I would love to learn japanese through Duo.. I've tried other platforms but those aren't as interactive as this one.... This topic has more than 1 year :(. I can forget learning Japanese in a near future by this mean.


          I would not be able to help out unfortunately but would love to see it on here. Have tried to learn in the past without much success


          I would LOVE to learn Japanese!


          Yes i want to learn japanese so bad


          I love Japanese! I really hope that you can start teaching it, and I'd love to help if I can.


          im definitely interested in learning japanese


          I would LOVE a Japanese course. I've been trying to learn the language for a while now and a Duolingo option would be amazing.


          yes, it would be great to learn Japanese here!


          I've been fascinated by both the Japanese language and culture and have been wanting to learn it for some time. Here's hoping that they add it in Duolingo! ^.^


          Duolingo MUST put on Japanese! its the best language!


          I am counting the days when Japanese will be available on here!!!


          I would like a Japanese language tree.


          I'm currently studying Japanese on my own to improve my understanding of Anime and because I'm visiting Japan next winter with my friends! I know it takes a while to become fluent but I want to be able to hold a conversation. Duolingo has helped me improve/keep up with my Spanish and I would love to do the same with Japanese!


          Yes!!! I would love to learn Japanese from Duolingo! ありがとうございました


          I would love to have Japanese on duolingo!


          i really really want to learn japanese


          Hello is there any progress with this course? Please respond, I really would like to learn the language thanks!


          i would love to leran japanese...


          I cannot WAIT for a Japanese language tree! I've been dying for one - it's actually the language I came on to Duolingo to learn.


          Me too! I was sad to see there wasn't Japanese yet.


          I am actually surprised that there is NOT a Japanese duolingo course yet.


          Probably because it doesn't use Roman letters. I'm not sure if it would teach to read it as well, but that's what I imagine is taking longer.


          I'd be willing to get a Japanese keyboard or program to type Japanese with a standard keyboard if that was possible. I really wanna learn dis!


          Ooh! That would be fun! Though they sound expensive and hard to find outside of Japan.


          Many of kids in my school are unhappy that Japanese is no longer available since it was replaced with French. I was happy to take it because of the lack of variety I had growing up learning languages.


          YES!! I only just joined duolingo recently and came looking for Japanese because I can help too! Does anyone know when this will happen?


          Bring it on! Tokyo, baby!


          Okay I literally joined and sped through to level 2 just so I could comment on this post! YES PLEASE, JAPANESE! That's really the main language I want to devote myself to, and there aren't even private tutors anywhere in my area who could teach me even if I could afford one.


          I feel this so hard


          I want to learn Japanese!


          I'm learning Japanese at Elon.io, which teaches everything from grammar to writing kanji. It's really great!


          I would love to learn Japanese! Any news on this?


          I have been waiting for Duo to pick up Japanese...


          I would love, love, love to learn Japanese!


          I would love to learn japanese and discard subtitles when watching anime!!


          I would love to learn Japanese! :)


          I wish Japanese was a course here :!


          yess!! ive been using memrise to learn japanese but i like the duolingo forum better. ive already learnt hiragana and basic words and phrases for about a year. looking forward to this course becoming a reality.


          Why hasn't this happened yet? Lets do this DuoLingo! I'd looooveeee to learn Japanese :D


          I NEED A JAPANESE TREE! At my school there is this mind-numbingly BORING teacher who teaches Japanese! If we have a Japanese tree i can introduce her to it and then......BAM! Problem solved!


          I am definitely interested in learning Japanese!


          I've studied Japanese for a few years, and while I'm nowhere near fluent, having a course on Duolingo would help a lot with my studies.


          Japanese would get my full attention right away.


          I think it would be awesome to learn Japanese! I have always wanted to go to Japan and be able to talk to people without a translator! :)


          Hope Japanese comes very quickly. Always been decimated with the language.


          I would love to learn Japanese as well. To be honest I was quite surprised it wasn't on duolingo already.


          Count me in as a student!


          i would love to take an actual japanese course, i never can seem to get past the hiragana and katakana when i'm learning on my own


          I would love to learn Japanese!


          Also, the farther in the future this is, the more likely I could contribute--my fluency is maybe N4 level this moment.


          Please do! We need you, and we need Japanese c:


          I need a Japanese course so I won't lose all of my lessons over the summer


          Japanese would be a great idea, but aren't their more than one type of alphabet? How will it be laid out? :o (But overall, I hope to learn Japanese! =^0^= )


          Japanese would be amazing! Hopefully it will happen


          Japanese would be awesome!!!!!!!


          JP is awesome. Can't wait for Japanese language tree!




          Yes pls, that's a great idea!


          It would be great to have Japanese on Duolingo. I wanted to learn it for the longest time but I never managed to study consistently. Having it on Duolingo, a site I use daily, would help me out a lot!


          I would love to use duolingo to learn Japanese, it is such an interesting language and culture, and I can not wait for this course to be released!


          I have been trying to learn Japanese for a few years and haven't been able to find a good place to. IT would be great if the app had it.


          Japanese was actually the first language I looked for on this site, so yes please!


          I would enjoy it


          I have an A level in Japanese, but haven't studied it for about 6 years :/ I was hoping Duolingo would already have it on so I could pick it up again, but since not it would be great to include it :)


          I would love a Japanese language tree. It's a great way to practice and keep the words fresh in my mind


          I would love it! Japanese is such a cool language but how hard is it?


          currently learning Japanese at school and if there was a course on here for it then it would help so much!


          I actually signed up fro duolingo originally thinking it had English to Japanese to offer as one of it's courses. After seeing that it was not, I was a bit disappointed, but decided to take Spanish and German instead. Maybe if Japanese was available at the time, I wouldn't have even tried to learn other languages haha.

          Joking aside, I think Japanese would be a great addition to the duolingo library. I have a feeling it will increase this sites popularity significantly considering the large amount of people in the United States who got an interest in learning the language from anime and manga.


          I am currently pursuing a minor degree in the Japanese language. It would be fantastic to have a system in which I can stay polished after finishing, especially since I do not plan on living in Japan for very long.


          I would be interested in seeing a course on Japanese for English speakers on Duolingo as well. :D


          I would love Japanese to be added to Duolingo, I already have some knowledge, but is not easy to find good free online courses, so many Video Games and Anime that never got translated waiting to be experienced.


          Yes! I've been working on Japanese on other websites, but it's not been as great as Duolingo's appraoch to teaching. It would be great if we could get a Japanese course.


          Wow! It's great knowing duolingo will be offering Japanese too! I know only a few words in Japanese. When will the class be ready? Let me know and I'll join.


          My desire to learn Japanese was what led me to discovering Duolingo in the first place! I'm eagerly awaiting for a JP for EN course. I've found other resources good but I think a Japanese language tree on Duolingo would be the perfect tool.

          Wish I knew Japanese, I'd help out! I'd like to learn Japanese more than any other language.


          What is the status of the Japanese language? I see that it has completed the beta from the incubator. Don't know how long ago this happened, but how much longer before it is released?


          Actually, Japanese was the language that I wanted to learn with Duolingo. But (sadly) I discovered that it's not available (yet). I would love to see the Japanese course!


          Japanese is a language option at my son's school so it would be great if I could learn some Japanese to help him. Please duolingo!!


          I've always wanted to learn Japanese! I really hope this happens!


          I would love to earn Japanese. :)


          According to Incub's status page (consulted on 9-nov-2016), the course finally entered the incubator.

          [Let's hope it's for real and not a bug while Duo is making some tests]


          According to staff, this entering on 9-nov-2016 is unfortunately a mistake/bug while they were testing things... :(

          But the good side is that this fake-release having been provoked by tests on JA course, it means that they are working on making it possible to have it entering the incub. ;)


          Yeah I just refreshed... it's already gone :'(


          I use HumanJapanese smartphone app. Great app, but I would gladly transition to Duo.


          I hope this ends up being a thing!! I love Duolingo so much, it's currently the best language learning tool for me. But, sadly, the language I've wanted to learn since I was very little (Japanese) is not on here. It would be a very nice language for people to learn in relation to business or moving to the country in general. It's a very pretty language.


          Please make this happen soon! Thank you~!


          I really hope that this discussion gets approved! After years of having basically no confidence in my ability to learn another language, I decided to make the leap a week ago and start learning Japanese in hopes of moving to Japan and being able to communicate with people fluently after getting a bachelor's degree (I'm 23 years old but put off college for a while). I've been using other resources for trying to learn Japanese, but I really love Duolingo and hope to see Japan added soon. I'll be following this discussion and hoping for updates!


          Yes, please!!! はい、お願いします! I can not really contribute anything... since I know so very little. I am almost finished taking a semester of kanji... I believe we only cover 500 kanji. I didn't know ANY Japanese before that, other than Ganbatte, kudasai! ; ) I still do not know my katakana, but I learned hiragana while taking kanji. If there is anything that we English speakers can do to help get this program off the ground, let us know!!!! どうもありがとうございました. : )


          I'm very excited to potentially have a Japanese language tree to contribute to my Japanese studies :D


          Another vote for Japanese.


          I'd love to see this.




          I am semi scared of learning japanese because of the new alphabet and how different it is from english but it's one of the main languages i came on duolingo to try and learn so...yes! yes please! is this too old by now? i hope not, i would really love to have japanese on here


          Don't be afraid of the alphabet, it's really not scary I promise. I suggest investing in Human Japanese. I am currently using that and not only does it reassure you, it makes things easy to understand and always makes sure you know what is going on before moving on. The alphabet was honestly the easiest thing for me to learn, it's the grammar that I'm a little more worried about. But with Human Japanese as my teacher I'm not too worried :)


          Yes, I'd love there to be a Japanese course! Japanese is the only language I'm currently learning that Duolingo doesn't have.


          sarahkfogg, Where are you learning Japanese? If it is site that you like could please recommend it to me? Thank you!


          I would LOVE to learn Japanese! I was pretty disappointed when I found out it wasn't avaible and I still am to this day :/ I hope they will add this course soon!


          I'd love to see a Japanese course on duolingo =) I already know the basics, however learning a language here is so much more fun than everywhere else!

          As much as I'd like to contribute, I'm afraid I'm not good enough for that, sorry =(


          I wish learn Japanese too! Come on!


          Do you know when it will be put into the incubator? I would've taken it in my high school classes if I wasn't currently taking Spanish.


          I can't wait for this one. I hope they'll add it very soon, I'm sure Duolingo would really help me to finally improve in this language. Same as some people, I studied this language 5 years, and still I'm bad, I don't practice... Please Duolingo, make Japanese a priority <3


          I started to learn Japanese a long time ago; I would love a Duolingo course! I've only recently found your site and I'm loving it!


          I would use Duolingo much more often if the Japanese course were added...


          Still waiting. Let's hope we get this course by 2017, Japanese is my favorite language i am currently learning from youtube and other sites, but no one can beat duolingo in terms of teaching. Damn my dream would come true.


          I took 3 or 4 semesters of Japanese in college, and definitely would like somewhere to brush up and keep learning!


          I took 2 semesters of Japanese in university. I'd love to have a Duolingo course to help blow the rust off and try to improve on it.


          This comment was made a year ago, is this project still active? I would really love to learn Japanese through duolingo.


          I'm learning Japanese right now via teacher, but I'm sure I would learn it way faster if I had the advantage of Duolingo as well!


          I would love to contribute to a Japanese course. I have lived in Japan for over a decade and obtained advanced degrees in linguistics here.


          You can apply to become a contributor here


          Japanese is the next language I'm aiming to learn. Tried other apps/sites but I really like Duolingo's interface and teaching style. I will wait until it's available here before I learn.


          I am learning Japanese in college right now! This would really help studying. ありがとうございます!


          I would love to learn Japanese! I learn it at school so doing it here would be great. :D


          I would love that :D Ive been wanting to learn Japanese but I haven't found a good place


          Japanese is the main language I'd like to learn, yeah. I'd love to see one!


          I have no previous experience with Asian languages, but Japanese is the one that I would be most interested in learning. It would be fun to learn with so many people interested, there would be a great support network!


          Have been wanting to learn Japanese for a long time now


          i would love to learn Japanese!!


          This needs to happen.


          Please add the language. I am in full support of adding Japanese to Duolingo. Please also try to teach the characters for Japanese.


          I'm a little saddened that this doesn't exist yet. I've decided that really this is probably the best time for me to start learning Japanese since I tend to find so many shows and games I love from there that never get translated and therefore it would just be easier if I could just understand it myself rather than having to hopefully rely on the effort of others (if it's ever even put in)


          I would be interested in learning.


          I tried learning Japanese in a classroom, but it didn't work out because my teacher wasn't that great. I'd love to be able to learn Japanese here.


          I realise the original post is a bit old but I want to thank all persons that may be working to make this a reality. I'm still relatively new to duolingo but Japanese is definitely one of the languages I would love to see on here. Crossing all my fingers


          I could contribute to this, but I'm not ready to say if I'm able to or not yet. I imagine everything is going to be kana and some kanji?


          I have been DYING to learn Japanese (secretly so I can watch anime's with less effort lol) but still!!!!


          would absolutely love to learn :)


          I've been looking for an app that teaches Japanese! I'm super excited about this!!!


          Right because i have Japanese friend who can already speak English but i wanted to surprise her. That's why i got Duolingo.


          I am half Japanese, half American, but my native language is English, so I would really like to actually learn and study my other half. Good luck!!


          (For those who already know kana) Why not learn kanji while waiting on Duolingo's JP course? Memrise makes even kanji easy to learn!! This link teaches all first grade kanji with the definition, pronunciation, and stroke order!! ://www.memrise.com/course/167937/animated-kanji-1st-grade/ This course also has audio.


          Oh wow, that's great! Thanks for that, @AdriElle531826 !


          Japanese was my original request when all of Duolingo was non even in B mode for any language......It has been a long wait. If I hadn't listed Spanish as second, i still would not have received an email saying Duo was ready in Beta. I breifly tried learning in reverse (learn English from Japanese, but while that is fun with may languages, it is is way too difficult to learn Japanese that way.


          I would love to learn Japanese for the anime i watch!


          Yes please! It was the first language I was looking forward to learning but they didn't offer it at the time. I'm glad it's in the incubator now :D Looking forward to it :)


          Japanese is available on Android now.


          it would be the best to have Japanese in duolingo


          I was very happy to discover the (still developing) course on app for android, since I thought it was going to be much longer before Japanese for English speakers would be available. It has helped me review the hiragana I had learned a long time ago. I like how the program introduces the kanji along with the hiragana. It's true that the audio sometimes doesn't sound correct, but it can be very clear much of the time. The design of the program works well for me and I was surprised how quickly vocabulary came back to my memory, since I took 2 series of classes at Japan Institute over 15 years ago. I have already contributed by reporting errors and also clarifying or correcting some of the information in the lesson discussions with the help of a native speaker.


          I just now got the Japanese lessons on my smart phone and tested out of the first section. I couldn't be more thrilled! I submitted a couple of corrections (such as not needing a -th after the number of a date in English!) The pronunciation was very clear, and the use of kanji integrated with kana was perfect and very natural. I am so excited!!


          I think we can improve our learning Japanese a lot if we use good materials. During my learning process, I must thank to these resources: App: Dictionary: http://bit.ly/Mazii_iOS Learn Kanji: http://bit.ly/iOS_Janki Read news: http://bit.ly/iOS_EasyJapanese

          Website: http://wordgrammar.net/how-to-learn-japanese-effectively/ https://www.reddit.com/r/LearnJapanese/ https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vsZz_trkiRM9E15qHUptDXQYdPcbuXTWOw_j9fldD7g/edit#gid=0

          Good luck!


          Hi. I'm not new to the community but I'm finally actually USING it. Lol. I don't know what a language tree is. Can someone explain?

          I am learning Japanese right now and it's so awesome. I'm using Duolingo as a support tool for my text book studies.



          Oh wait! This post is from FIVE YEARS AGO! Lol!


          HI i can really use the help . In middle school I've decided to take Japanese. it sounds fun . please help it would give me HS creds


          Count me in for taking the course! I am currently taking the English for Japanese. I understand the difficulties in teaching Japanese with Duolingo. I hope they will be able to figure out an easy way to teach it. I am ready to help them test and refine it when it gets to beta!


          I'd love to have a Japanese course on Duolingo. :) So far I've learned my Hiragana, and I'm curious to see how it'd work here!


          I still have a long way to go with my French, but after that Japanese would be my next choice!


          I would love to see a Japanese course on Duo!


          I have to finish learning Dutch and German first, but I definitely want to learn Japanese one day!


          I would love to see Japanese come to Duo


          I would absolutely love to see Japanese on Duolingo. I'm really hoping it's possible in the near future.


          That would be awesome.... I've noticed it's much harder to come across (free) ways to learn Asian languages... I would also like to learn Korean!


          I would love to learn japanese! (:


          I'm looking forward to a Japanese Tree, I'd love to study it even here.


          It would be amazing to have a Japanese course. Good luck!


          great idea...wow..!


          よろしくお願いします! I hope they add Japanese, I really need to work on my kanji skills and it's my favourite foreign language.


          Would love to learn Japanese.


          Japanese is the only language besides Swedish I'm interested in practice with Duolingo, so that would make me incredibly happy. Please do it!

          [deactivated user]

            I would love to learn Japanese!


            i would love to learn Japanese!


            I would love to learn that language.


            Definitely excited by the prospect of a Japanese language tree. Just curious whether your application to Duolingo has been successful? I have no idea how the application process works.


            THANK YOU SO MUCH also I appreciate it so much but if its not not much trouble would you mind saying if you got the course because i've been waiting for Japanese for ages


            I play the shakuhachi and would also like to learn Japanese! Look forward to developments....


            I'd love to have the option to practice and strengthen my skills in Japanese with Duolingo! 日本語のコースをお願いします。


            Would love to have a Japanese tree !


            A Japanese tree on duolingo would be perfect!


            would love to learn japanese on duolingo! im semi-speech fluent already but would love to improve my abilities!


            Let me know when it's done ! So that i can speak like my favourite anime character !! :D :D I know you wanna do it too ! XP


            I'd love to learn... But how?


            Konnichiwa, I have been interested in learning Japanese for a very long time and would appreciate the chance to do so. Doumo arigatou gozaimashita for your offer to provide a start for such.


            Started self-studying 日本語 this summer, I think it would be a great addition to Duolingo.


            Japanese would be so good to learn on here please make this a course


            I look forward to Japanese courses on Duolingo.


            yes! that is the other language on my "must learn" list!


            That would be so cool! I started learning ages ago but had to stop, and I'd love to pick it up again!


            It'd be great to have Japanese on here, I just finished a 4 year uni degree in Japanese with French but didn't get a good quality Japanese language module for final year and I'm about to start a Master's in French translation so worry about losing my level in Japanese. If it was on here I could keep practicing easily while continuing with French and refreshing German. I was kinda surprised Japanese wasn't on here already when I first joined, considering they had Vietnamese, which is great and all but probably not as in demand as Chinese [Mandarin or Cantonese] and Japanese [and Korean too, though they're working on that now]


            It would seem that there is interest in this topic :)


            I'd love to learn Japanese. I actually took a basic class for three years, but since I don't get practice anymore it's slowly but surely fading away.


            I'd like to learn Japanese so much


            Yay! :D if i learn more Japanese i can understand Manga ans Anime way better!


            I so wish they would add Japanese. I can speak the language fine, and I know what each character sounds like. I just can't actually read them and understand what they say.


            I want study Japanese on duolingo! :) But at the moment I'm studying it on memrise... Oh god! Why isn't there Japanese? if it is for the problem of Hiragana, Katakana and kanji... we can solve it :c putting the keyboard in Japanese (?) or only hiragana and katakana if the kanji create problems T^T またね!! :)


            I would love this!


            yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes


            I have wanting to learn Japanese forever. I would love to see it on here!


            I am working on my N2, not qualified to contribute I guess, but I would very much like a dulingo course


            N2? Not qualified? How long have you been learning? Surely you could contribute something. Why not make an application to join the team?


            I learnt it for almost three year, but it is easier for me since my first language is actually Chinese, so I know kanji already and lots of vocab sounds very simmilar to Chinese. I'm sure my way of learning Japanese is way too differnet than a native English speaker. The only thing I can contribute might be tips about Kanji, how to write them and how to memerize.


            That's very helpful for those who want to learn to write it as well. Don't be afraid to try and contribute! I myself am very fascinated by the complexity of Kanji and Chinese characters! :)


            I agree, and Kanji aren't that painful when you really start to learn them.

            see what I did there? hahaha


            I just applied! Thank you!


            OK! I'll try once there is an incubator


            Actually, you can apply here even though there isn't an incubator for Japanese as of yet.

            You can select Japanese and English in each dropdown list.


            Japanese would be great, so far I have only learned the most common words. I couldn't put together a sentence for the life of me, so I would not be able to contribute.


            I'm sure your team will work on this eventually, but here I am to show my support! I would really enjoy learning Japanese the Duolingo way. I have tried other methods, but I keep hitting a wall when I reach a certain point in the learning process.


            I've always wanted to learn Japanese! I sure wish you manage to make Japanese as a course on here i'd be the first to take the course for sure.


            I'm currently learning Japanese in school and would like some extra help, so I'm hoping that duolingo would be able to like help me with that. lol idk


            I'm doing the hacking Japanese supercourse and plan to do the reverse Japanese tree once I get a little more comfortable.


            i would like to learn


            I would love to learn Japanese, too! :-) (Also because I have a personal connection to the language and the culture...)


            Japanese has always been a language that I've wanted to learn. The biggest discouragement to me was learning Kana and the fact that looking for free places to learn was almost impossible. Nowadays I could probably learn from YouTube (the channels JapanSocietyNYC, JapanesePod101, Ken Cannon, etc.) however Duolingo has always been a huge motivator to me to keep going and keeps me focused and understanding better than videos could. Also, my high school doesn't offer Japanese anymore, and I don't want to pay for Rosetta Stone or go through not-so-well-made apps just to learn Japanese. So obviously I picked some other language, French, and learned a lot of that and learned a lot of Spanish too. So that's all great but Japanese has always had a special place in my heart. I don't watch anime anymore, nor do I live in Asia anymore, but regardless, still an awesome cool language and culture that is beyond cartoons and geography. HUGE YES FROM ME. Can't believe Duolingo doesn't have this language yet, you'd think it'd be one of the first. Just like how it is basically in US High Schools, French, Spanish, German, and Japanese. It would've been cool if those were the first languages to start off with on Duolingo. I'm sure there are millions of people who would love to learn and love to contribute. I don't get how it's not even in the Incubator yet. Well anyways, I'll be following the dicussion, hoping it gets approved!


            I would also like to learn Japanese.


            I studied Japanese on-and-off a few years ago and would enjoy having a chance to pursue it again on DL.


            It would be a great idea, it sounds beautiful, and it feels good when one hears him/herself saying a sentence grammarically correct.


            Definitely want to learn Japanese here! This thread has existed for a year, but I still don't see Japanese being incubated. Any idea when that might happen?


            japanese, yes please


            A Japanese course would be awesome!


            I would love to have Japanese be an option. I know my husband would become a member if Japanese was offered as well.


            i would really like to learn Japanese. it's an interesting language and i think that learning it will be much more interesting than other languages.


            i would love if someone made a japanese course




            I would love to have a Japanese course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


            Japanese on Duolingo would be fantastic. I am trying to learn online through other channels but that means it is quite fragmented. Duolingo would be far better, as it would offer a focused path.


            if you dont put the languege of japan i will slit my wrists


            No need to do that; they will add the Japanese course eventually. We just don't know how long we'll have to wait.


            Honestly, I don't know Japanese, But I really want to learn it!


            I agree there should be Japanese


            I would REALLY love this! I can't manage to find a free Japanese learning site anywhere (100% free) and it is driving me nuts! Japanese would be good me to learn too... I am an anime fan lol.


            I think that japanease would be good to learn


            I would love to learn & practice Japanese with DuoLingo!


            I'd love to learn Japanese! Duolingo helped me learn French, & I was hoping it could do the same for Japanese. There really aren't any other free language learning sites out there...


            I haven't been able to find an online course for Japanese for English speakers anywhere! Yes please!


            Human Japanese

            AFAIK it is free. There is also a mobile version of the course. At least I was able to use it on Android


            I've been studying Japanese on the Memrise app for six months and I have already completed the Japanese 1 course! I would LOVE a Japanese course on Duolingo! Please add one! ありがとうございます!


            I've always wanted to learn Japanese, especially since I wish to visit there, and create mangas. anyways, please do this =3




            I'd love to learn Japanese with duolingo.


            Yes, please add Japanese!


            Please add a japanese course!!!


            If Duolingo gets Japanese then I will orgasm really hard. I really like Duolingo but I'm only really interested in Japanese, when I found out they didn't have it I was heartbroken. Hope Japanese is added in the near future :)


            Please add Japanese!!! I would love to learn it!


            +1 Would be interested in learning Japanese.


            I learnt Japanese at my old school. I would love to continue learning it and one day become fluent. I hope they make some Japanese lessons!!! (>.<) (=':')


            I took Japanese for 6 years in middle/high school, but lost steam in college. Now a couple years later, I'm near fluent in Spanish and have forgotten a ton of what I learned of Japanese... There are very few things I'd like more than to have Japanese on Duolingo!


            I'd love to see Japanese on Duolingo. I've tried other online Japanese online courses, but haven't had much luck with them, haven't really enjoyed them and so I haven't stuck with them. Duolingo however, is really enjoyable and user friendly and I think Japanese would be perfect for it.


            I'm only new to learning foreign languages, but I'd be thrilled to see a Japanese language up on Duolingo!


            Yes, please, please, please! I originally joined Duolingo because I wanted to improve my japanese (been taking evening classes for six years, but I'd love some more practice in my own time and pace) - I'd be delighted if it took off! I'm not very skilled, but I'll be happy to contribute whereever I can.


            So this post was made a year ago, is this actually going to happen or no? I see a lot of support but so far no updates on how things are going. Was the application accepted? Has any progress been made? I don't mean to sound rude but after a year with no update I'm a little worried that I'm wasting my hope by following a post that may very well be abandoned.


            would love to learn japanese so when i head over there again i wont make a fool of myself as last time


            Would love to learn Japanese with duolingo


            I sure hope this Japanese course comes to fruition sooner than later. It is my number one desired to learn course, mainly because I am interested in Japanese culture and content, and when I visit them in the near future I plan to be fluent. I'm sad to see this request was made more than a year ago and still isn't implemented.

            Please duo, make this happen! I'm currently in the Spanish course but would love to learn Japanese.


            I would find this incredibly useful and await a Japanese course to be brought to duolingo, preferably by you :)


            I really want to learn more Japanese!!


            I would LOVE duolingo Japanese! I've taken a course and am looking to other online resources, but Duolingo is such a useful starting place for language. Please start a Japanese for English learners course!


            Please yes! I would definitely use this and contribute in any way possible (though my knowledge of the language is currently limited)...


            I would love to learn Japanese!! i've been looking for places to learn but haven't seen much options anywhere :(

            [deactivated user]

              Japanese would be a pretty cool course to have.

              A good idea, I think, would be to have a hiragana topic, then start introducing katakana, and then basic kanji, but have kana (hiragana and katakana) and kanji both be eligible, i.e. 前 (mae) could be written まえ (mae) in an answer and both translations would be acceptable.

              Also, a switch like the one for Russian and Ukrainian could be used for sentences to translate to English to be in either hiragana with raised dots between words or hiragana, katakana, and kanji. This all not only adds options for learners, but also makes it easier to make the course because you're not arbitrarily choosing which script to use for each word.


              I would love to learn Japanese!! Mainly so I don't need subs for all the animes I watch :P This would be awesome!!


              Really REALLY want Japanese on Duo!


              Since yesterday it's on Duolingo (in the incubator), so it'll be available to learn in next months (if we are unfortunate in more than a year, but the team seem to expect quick progress and to have prepared their work already for some times so it could be "quick").


              I've been wanting to learn Japanese for awhile. Hopefully this course will open.


              FYI: it has already entered the incubator which means that it's under the process to open: a team of volunteers is already working on creating the Duolingo course of Japanaese for English speakers. The only remaining unknown is how long it'll take them. But they currently estimate it will open to users in May 2017.


              That's great! Thanks for the info. I'm getting pretty excited


              Finally! I would love to be able to understand Japanese! I have seen all sorts of Japanese gaming videos, and I would love to be able to understand them.



              How did DL get over the hurdle of teaching the kana? Is it going to be in pure romaji?


              I've recently moved to japan and would love to see Japanese on Duolingo. I've tried other sites, but I haven't found one as well set up as Duolingo.


              I took a couple of years of japanese back in high school 30+ years ago. I would really like a chance to relearn it and I like the Duo platform.


              thank you so much! Ive been wanting a japanese course for soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long.


              あらかじめ、ありがとう! Arakajime, arigatō!


              日本が大好きです Nihon ga daisukidesu


              I would love to learn Japanese! Are you still going to do this?


              Fantastic Idea! I am also very eager to learn japanese.


              I would absolutely LOVE to learn Japanese-- It is a beautiful language, and it's so vivid culturally as well...


              I'd love to learn Japanese, unfortunately I don't have much knowledge in the way on contributions though.


              It'd be great to have a Japanese course with the Tokyo Olympics coming up so soon!


              Japanese would be a great addition to Duolingo! I have a friend who I need to communicate to in Japanese. I learn it at school but it would be nice to finally have a (free) reliable app to do extra studies on!


              Yes! Add Japanese to Duolingo.


              Very Excited for a Japanese course


              I would love to learn Japanease... I already speak Arabic, French, and English perfectly well, I'm an intermediate level student in spanish (in Cervantes). I'm also currently learning German. Japanease is the next language on my list..


              yes! did your application go through? i would love to learn Japanese on duolingo


              did your application go through?

              You can see on the course's incubator status page the list of contributors.


              Yes Please, Japanese is a beautiful and exotic language, it would be fun to learn


              literally downloaded duolingo to learn japanese but was so disappointed when they didnt have it ;(


              Don't give up now!! Duolingo will be releasing their Japanese course for English speakers sometime in May. Until then, you can learn hiragana, katakana, and basic Japanese on Memrise!!


              Really? How did you know? If that is true, I am so excited!


              I was really disappointed when first joined duolingo and couldn't find a course for Japanese and Korean. There seems to be a Korean for English speakers course, currently in development. I've resorted to learning on my own for a year now, but I really hope duolingo brings out a Japanese course.


              There seems to be a Korean for English speakers course, currently in development. [...] I really hope duolingo brings out a Japanese course.

              The course "Japanese from English" is also in development.


              I just noticed. Thanks for the info... I'm looking forward to it!


              yeah please make it possible


              I have been trying to find sites and apps that would help me with learning Japanese and I would love that idea :)


              I have tried Japanese on everything from memrise and rosetta to store bought CDs and books. I have learned much more in Russian and German from duolingo. I would be so excited to have all three of the languages I want to learn on a program that really works for me.


              Would love to learn Japanese!


              yes! japanese please!


              Japanese is one of the most widely used language in the world. Why no Japanese in Duolingo?


              This would be great, I am excited for when it comes out.


              I am intermediate in Japanese. I'd love to help out where I can. Mostly I'd love to have the option to improve my Japanese. I would be happy if it were even just romanji-based Japanese interface.


              Hi! Although this post is from very long ago, is the course still available? Like is there a way for me to join it as a tester / user?


              Sounds great. Any news on whether this will happen?


              I am dying to see this course.


              I would be a learner...not sure what I could contribute...


              l would love to be part of the incubator (l speak french, english, spanish and japanese:my nationalities)But I'm too young, sadly


              Apparently, it's getting out May the 15th 2017


              One precision in order to avoid potential future disappointment (if the course were to go out later than May 15th): as far as I know, neither contributors (*) nor staff said that it'll "get out" on May 15th 2017.

              What is said on the incubator's page

              Estimated Completion Date: May 15, 2017
              Edited 1 month ago by moeka518

              is that one, month ago, the team of volunteers(**) working on the course of Japanese for English speakers were ESTIMATING that they would complete their part of the work on May 15th 2017.

              What is the difference with "getting out on May 15th, 2017" ?

              1. it's only an ESTIMATION and, moreover, made more than a month ago. So it's not an announcement that the team will complete its part of the work before May 15th (and even less a commitment)
              2. this estimation made by volunteers is only about their work and when they'll finish creating the tree, the course will still need work from staff (adding audio, check that all is working, etc.). And, in the past, this staff's work often took one or several months to be completed by staff.

              (*) to the creation of the course
              (**) well, not even team of volunteers but contributor moeka518, to be exact.

              [deactivated user]

                I really want learn Japanese, it would be great to have it at duolingo!

                • 1930

                I think Japanese would be a cool addition, too. I have a question, though. How come Japanese shows up in the incubator but not on the course list? I know it's not finished, but several other unfinished ones show up on the main screen that are even less far along than Japanese. Japanese looks like it's about 60% completed according to the pie chart in the incubator.


                i speak spanish and english because it was there but i couldnt find somewhere to learn japanese and always have wanted to find somewhere that taught it and would love for them to add it


                Thanks! I love Duolingo but it always made me sad that there was no Japanese! I want to do TESOL Japanese so you will be a great help to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                In my work, I have the opportunity to work with families who speak Japanese as their native language. I would love to learn some basic Japanese words and phrases on Duolingo to better communicate and understand my families!


                Yes, yes, yes. I tried to learn Japanese when I was 12 (1959) and stopped because I didn't have the resources we have today; apps, podcasts, videos, etc. I learned from a "Say it in Japanese" book for travelers. Gave up and only remembered the basics.

                I have learned Spanish to intermediate fluency thanks to all those resources, but have always wanted to speak, at least, basic Japanese and then some. Something beyond domo arigato and iia, hai, tabun, and do itashi mashita. Duolingo brought my Spanish to a level unimaginable, I hope you can help do the same with Japanese!!! Do the tree Jeshistar. Nothing to lose. We're waiting.


                I want to learn japanese


                I have waited over 5 years for duolingo to finally start Japanese, has there been any progress?


                Hi Oblithian,

                you can see and follow, for the course "Japanese from English":

                • the progress estimated by the team of volunteers creating the course, on the "Weekly Incubator Update" discussions that jitengore publish regularly.
                  Here for the last one where you'll see the team estimates the progress to 15% (with last update from them about Feb. 19th).
                  To find in the future the more recent "Weekly Incubator Update", go to jitengore's stream.
                • the progress estimated (automatically) by Duolingo's algorthms, on the incubator's page of the course (see this older message here for a link to it), where you'll see the system automatically (and, most of the time, wrongly) estimates the progress to ≈60%.

                Those are the two only ways to know about "progress" of a given course.


                Apparently it's going out May 15th 2017! Yay!!!


                So excited! But their contributor list is pretty short and over the years I have seen dozens of people offer. Maybe they should reach out.


                I can't wait to learn Japanese I love Japan and would like to learn their language so just waiting for it to be releases :)


                Hi! Yes Please! When can we have this. Duolingo has been great for me. Its my default language tutor. Now im desperate to learn japanese. Would really love it if i can do it in Duolingo.


                When can we have this.

                When the volunteers creating the course will have finished to create it.


                I would love to have a Japanese language tree on Duolingo its one of the top 5 languages I want to learn and I would be able to read manga and watch anime with out the subtitles


                I can't wait to get into this! Super excited! I'm using so many other apps to learn Japanese, but I really, really like the way Duolingo works.

                [deactivated user]

                  you can learn Japanese now. there is a method to sneak in. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22162372


                  I would love to learn Japanese!


                  It is now on the app only iOS though


                  At least, I should refresh the basics first then work my way up. Because I just want to learn more about the Japanese language. I've been mostly interested about it ever since until now.

                  [deactivated user]

                    I am dying to learn Japanese on Duolingo. If I learn a lot, I could relate to whether or not the translator was wrong while I'm watching Ringu.


                    well, technically you CAN learn japanese with this app, just switch to the japanese version of duolingo so that they think youre a japanese learning english. It really helped me out.


                    Warning I tried that a year ago and a few times. Fortunately I know the setting screens well. If you do not know the Duolingo setting screens or you cannot read some Japanese, it is difficult to get back to English.


                    Dont worry im used to it, i can read a bit of the stuff on my screen thanks to Duolingo for teaching me some words so i can recognize them. You get used to it


                    i really wanted to learn japanese


                    I'm checking in every week! Really excited and anxious to get Duolingo in Japanese. In the meantime, I've put up a couple sets of Tiny Cards for those with intermediate skills and plan to add more.


                    It may not be om the web for a while, I think. But it's on Android for everyone, now. You just have to update your version of the app. :)


                    I have an iPhone, will check if I can get it. Thanks!


                    Sure thing! :)


                    cool I have not done duolingo Japanese but I am part Japanese


                    I need to know how to change an English keyboard into a Japanese Keyboard.


                    Are you using the website it an app? On most phones, you can add additional languages to your keyboard (or download Gboard by Google). I'm not sure about the web, though. I haven't really looked into it, yet. Maybe this will help? https://www.tofugu.com/japanese/how-to-install-japanese-keyboard/


                    I started learning japanese a few days ago maybe? I'm really loving learning the language, but i'm not sure I can completely rely on the duolingo lessons. I hope you may be able to help me a bit? ありがとう ございます!~


                    Hi! I know your comment wasn't directed to me, but I thought I'd jump in. First, welcome to this beautiful and fun language! I think it's great that you're learning it, and I'm glad that you're reaching out because it's always good to have a support system.

                    If you're using the app, I would definitely recommend joining a club. Some are very active, and you can ask questions and participate in discussions and online activities. It can be challenging to learn a language on your own, and I really enjoy the community and competition of the clubs.

                    I personally love the Japanese course, but it's currently only designed to take you to about an N5 level, so lots of us supplement our learning. There are many great resources available, as it's a really popular language.

                    There are official TinyCards decks for katakana and hiragana (maybe more coming) that will earn you XP, as well as a bunch of user-created ones. And there are dozens of both free and paid applications. Some people have posted guides in the forums or shared recommendations, so you may find some useful information in the Japanese section.

                    I think you'll find, as I have, that Duolingo has an awesome community of learners who are willing to help, so don't be afraid to reach out. The sentence discussions are also unbelievably useful, so I'd recommend taking advantage of those.

                    Best of luck to you and happy learning! :)


                    I'm learning Japanese, French, and Itailian



                    I hope i don't come too late :)

                    I'm planning to live in Japan but one of the first step is to handle the language correctly (majority of the job offers specify that is mandatory to talk japanese)

                    I'm looking for someone that would like to teach me japanese, especially the oral part

                    Thank you


                    i have been learning japanese for several months


                    And how are you progressing?


                    I'm looking at all these comments and I'm just amazed by how many languages they are learning


                    I would like to know what is the kanji like in European learner?


                    I am just a beginner, but i love to learn.


                    Lingot for you


                    japanese is cool


                    I love Japanese a lot! And I really want to vist Japan


                    Hey I just started to learn some Japanese and I really like it. Maybe someday it will result. よろしく


                    Would it be easier to learn hiragana and katakana at the same time to speed things up?


                    Try Mnemonics. I use them for different language alphabets. I used drmoku.com for Japanese.

                    Learning Hiragana and Katakana at the same time is fine.


                    سلام ژاپنی افتضاحه


                    سلام من از ژاپنی بدم میاد

                    [deactivated user]

                      excited learning japanese even im teenager!


                      I'm slowly learning only japanese on Duo but Kanji is just a pain in the arse. How do you do it?


                      I am learning some Japanese


                      I interested i learning japanese can u help me


                      Reply on seeing this post


                      There are so.many kanji how to doyou remember it n the best the way for me to learn As soon it communicate with the person knows the language well so guide me with ur knowledge


                      hello all, i just start to learn japanese, let's make friend and learn together :)


                      Is there a way of learning Japanese first without having to learn the characters but rather just use the English alphabet?


                      When I lived in Japan, I used the memrise app. Trying to learn all three syllabaries on top of everything else was too much for me. Plus, I was never going to read anything (not least because all three systems can be included in one sentence - I used to see some Japanese people on the train reading the newspaper with a dictionary to hand ...). If I had stayed longer I might have tried to do learn some hirigana and katakana (Japanese schoolchildren were expected to learn the easiest 3,000 kanji!). Memrise is quite good for vocab bu not as good on as Duo on structures (IMHO).


                      Your contribution has helped!5 years later here I am learning Japanese!Thank you or should I say-Arigatōgozaimashita.


                      good I am glad that you r in the spirit !


                      Japanese is the best language to learn if you're Chinese.


                      Hello Nice to meet you. I saw your post and I am interest about it. I want to learn in Japanese. So I am learning in Japanese on Duolingo. But I can't speak in Japanese yet. So I wish your help. Can you help me? Can you tell me easily method for learning Japanese? please help me.. Thanks.


                      hi; are you all/mostly japanese learners? i just wanted to ask if any of your study/japanese-related posts are getting deleted/downvoted....that's been happening a lot in a japanese study group I'm in, and im wondering if there's someone targeting japanese learners...


                      I learn Japanese already...


                      Let's not. Too many Otakus are ruining Japan for everyone...


                      Don't let a few bad apples spoil the harvest :)


                      No no no no I do not want to


                      How about russian


                      Let's learn russian


                      Well we can do Japanese


                      Jeshistar you did this for 5 years


                      OoOoOoF I am literally upvoting everything.


                      Hi, I would like to just ask how long have you been using Duolingo?


                      I love my experience with Japanese learning via immersion in Japan & pimsleur. Unfortunately duolingo forces you to learn pictographs. I don't find speaking difficult and I would like to improve that further.


                      Hello I am new to duo lingo and im so excited to learn more Japanese! This time of uncertainty, during the outbreak of the CCP virus, is and can be a great time to learn new languages and much more!!! I have something to look forward too and too be proud of myself for!! Sincerely, New member, Kelsey R!!


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                      Gurl bou u is so cool follow me plz!!!!!

                      [deactivated user]
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