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Show gender on vocabulary page?


I hope this isn't a repeat of something that was already discussed: Is it possible to show the gender of nouns on the vocabulary page? I use it to "quickly" review. But unless you click on the noun, the gender doesn't show on the vocabulary page. Referring to specifically French but I'm guessing it's the same for other languages.

thanks, Nelvyn

August 31, 2013



This along with downloadable vocabulary list have been being mentioned for months. Almost always with an admin responding "its something we are looking into." I get that somethings are harder than they sound (as a developer myself), but come on its been months now, I'm about to have to just write a web scraper, since there isn't a vocabulary section in your current android app either.

Don't get me wrong, I love duolingo, but as a language learning site vocabulary should be a higher priority than they have it. This is really the only issue I have with duo lingo.


No, they shouldn't make vocab a higher priority. Vocab lists are a slower way of learning a language and can set you back according to the most current research on language learning. It's just not the way we are wired to learn a language.


Brute memorization is a bad approach, but its better than nothing, such as when I'm at school and cannot have sound on. Also if they ever make a downloadable vocab list it would allow me to build games around my specific style of learning using the same vocab as duolingo. There is nothing inherently bad about a vocab list.


That's interesting about learning in context being more effective. Somebody should have told that my teachers in school. :) So far I'm struggling particularly with the gender of nouns so I figured a bit of brute memorization would be a start to address that deficiency. Bradenbert brings up an interesting use-case as well. Alternatively I was thinking to just power through the exercises and hope that sooner or later I'll catch on? So far that hasn't happened as effectively as I'd have hoped. We'll see I guess. EDIT: Case point? I just started an exercise after typing this comment, first error? Wrong gender on "La fourmi"! Ha! :)


+1. For me it's mainly German where it would be useful because it influences so many word endings. Not so much of a problem in Spanish or Italian where the gender's pretty much built into the words :^)


Great idea, thanks!


Since it is free, I don't think we can complain if they don't take our suggestions.


Their business model is described on wiki (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duolingo#Business_model). Which is remarkably interesting and I hope it works. Regardless, this is a great product. My feedback was meant as constructive criticism. I think it would help growing the community.

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