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Addition to end of tree

As you will likely notice I'm no where close to the end of my tree. I began Duolingo rushing through the lesson, and only gaining a passive vocabulary, recently I've been focused on making that active as with three hearts I can work through a lot of lessons without knowing the vocabulary anywhere near perfectly.

I think it would be cool if instead I could continue rushing through the tree to get a large passive vocabulary as quick as possible, but after finishing be able to restart(which is already an option), but with less hearts, so I am forced to remember the correct gender, spelling and ending of the words. I know i could quit each lesson on my own, but since duolingo is about gamification, and it is common to unlock a harder version of the game after completing the first I don't think this is out of scope of something duolingo would be interested in doing.

Opinions? Am I the only one who would like to be able to rush through to get a passive vocabulary? and then unlock a harder level where I go for perfection.

August 31, 2013

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Do you know about the timed exercises within each lesson? (It is the "Practice Lesson" button right below the lessons.) In stead of doing things with less hearts, you do it against time. The better you know the material the further you will get, e.g. you can peek at a word, but that takes time.

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