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"De paarden lopen door het water."

Translation:The horses walk through the water.

March 22, 2015



to walk = wandelen, to run = lopen, both for the Netherlands and Flanders, but in the Netherlands 'lopen' is also used for walking. Why is to run incorrect?


I should be! It's getting to me that Duo doesn't accept these answers!


May I know Why "is walking through" not accepted?


Paarden = plural


'Door' is translated as 'through' or 'by' ,but in this case it gives different meaning. 'Walk through the water' and 'walk by the water' is two different meanings.What else could we use here?


To be clear, a literal translation using "by" – The horses walk *by [i.e. next to] the water – would be incorrect here.

In essence, "door" always means "through". When it is translated as "by (means of)", as in the passive voice, that's an abstract use of the concept "through": think "X is done by Y" ~ "action X is passed through tool/agent Y".

Sometimes "door" can also be translated "throughout", as in "door de week".


I put right order sentence acording you , and stillsais -wrong!!??


So is the word door = through related to the English door as it lets you walk through rooms? lol just saying


The horses are walking along the water? (If it's a river for example).


Without further information, that implies they are walking next to the river. The Dutch original here has ambiguity in the other dimension – the horses are clearly getting their hooves wet, though it's only implied that they are crossing, not following the water.

To describe with the least amount of ambiguity that the horses are walking in the water parallel with the current, I'd probably use "in" in both languages.


The voice is clearly saying "de water". I listened thrice because I remembered "het" but then trusted duolingo and got an error. Reported


The voice clearly says 't/ut water, which is the common way het is pronounced in speech.


Now from my PC, yes. In the app it does not clearly say that, it clearly says "de".


It's the same audio file that's used, so perhaps it is an issue with your speaker.


I have never seen a horse walking. Maybe there is a verb more suitable. Like "traben" in german.


What would you call the slowest gait, then, if not "walk"? German "traben" is moving in the next faster gait, "trotting".


I had some doubts, too, how I here should translate 'lopen' in English. I wrote 'The horses GO through the water', and it was marked wrong, of course.

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