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[Suggestion/Bug] Learn german AND english

Hello duolinguist. First of all thanks to the entire duolingo's team ! Excellent job. But as users we are here to play the bad guys and tell you what is wrong, isn't it ?

1 )I am french, and I am learning german AND english (and spanish but who cares), but in order to switch from one language to another I have to pass through the settings. This is quite ennoying.

2) When I go in my profil I have the choice either to see the german and spanish medal or to see the english medal.

I understand this might be a big work for the team to change this since I believe it's related to the interface which is adapted to the native language of the user. But tell me if you intend to have a look on it.

Thanks for reading, upvote if you think it's worth a look.

Good luck to the programmers ;)

PS : Duolingo is awesome ! Duolingo est génial ! Duolingo es fantastico ! Duolingo ist wunderbach !

September 1, 2013



Exactly the same here, I'd love to see all the languages regrouped. Also, when you watch the profile of someone else, if that person is learning, say, Italian and English, sometimes you can see only English, sometimes you can see only Italian. It stems from the same design issue, I guess.


I have the same problem learning French and English at the same time, it'd be great to get a solution. Thanks Duolingo.

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