No sound

Tonight I am trying to do my Duolingo practise so I don't lose my 335 day streak (and to learn Italian of course!) but I have no sound!! There is nothing wrong with my computer as I get sound for other things. Is there a problem tonight?

March 22, 2015


Same here no sound

Same here no sound,was alright other day

Moi aussi, je n'ai plus de son depuis samedi après -midi ( 21/03/2015). Les leçons perdent ainsi la moitié de leur intérêt. J' attends avec impatience la douce voix italienne de Duolingo.

IMPORTANT! Make sure that the latest version of FlashPlayer is loaded on your computer! If your computer will play sound on YouTube, but not on Duolingo, this could be your problem. Open FlashPlayer and check for updates on the settings page. As soon as I updated my computer, the sound came back.

I don't think it's about Flash Player since some of the sounds on DL work (progressing to next exercise, finishing a lesson, etc.)

J'ai suivi les conseils de Kiwiguy . Après avoir téléchargé FlashPlayer pour mon Mac, la fonction "son "refonctionne. Merci , KiwiGuy

Many thanks seems to have solved problem

UPDATE! You have to continue updating FlashPlayer to the latest version, otherwise you will lose sound. Find the FlashPlayer application (it is in "System Preferences" on a Mac) and click "Check For Upgrades". This has worked every time for me.

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