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Where are our translations going?

Can Duolingo please tell us where they put our translations of the web, do they partner with Google? Is there a way they can notify us about the status of specific web pages? Show us the intermediate translations of the whole page? Host them on Google? Their website?

May 11, 2012



I think it would be good to know if our translations are actually being used. Some of the translations seem to be too old to be useful e.g. one for Olympic ticket sales which have already closed and some seem to have had hundreds of people translate them now. Perhaps duollingo is still in the beta stage and not actually doing real translations. I had assumed that accepting translations would fund the project.


It is such a great idea, I think it would be tremendously motivating to see the actual effects of our work!


Yes this is a rather fundamental topic on which I haven't seen much information (but maybe I haven't looked into it enough). The game-like learning part of Duolingo is quite hooking in my view but of course the other part of the project is the actual translation On The Real Internet.

Given that there are already other collaborative platforms more directly concerned with translation on the network it would be nice to have clearer visibility (if not active influence) on what we translate, for whom and why.

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