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"The post office agency is in front of the museum."

Translation:A agência de correios fica em frente ao museu.

September 1, 2013



"A agência dos correios" should be an accepted translation as well.


could one say "a agência dos correios fica em frente do museu"?


Come on, Duolingo. If you mark especially this translation as wrong, then remove it from the dictionary hints!
Or don't provide dictionary hints at all, it would still be a better solution than that mess.


Wouldn't you just say "post office" not "post office agency"?


Here i think "post offices" is meant when you say post office agency.


Why is it ao and not do?


"em frente a" VS "na frente de"

"na frente do museu" is also right.


Thank you! I will also ask my teachers, I find prepositions really difficult to understand. Meus amigos brasileiros falam a mesma coisa sobre aprender inglês também, talvez seja uma coisa dificil para todos alunos de línguas estrangeiras. Maybe it is just something that takes time, practise and exposure to the language. Valeu amigo.


That's it. Preposições são um dos aspectos mais difíceis ao se aprender um idioma. Mas não desista, pois há muitos outros pontos mais importantes =)


What kind of tense or mode is the part AO SE APRENDER?


Ao se aprender = when one learns....

You can use "se" to refer to general sense ("you" general).


When I see "Post office agency," I think of the government authority in charge of (in my case) Canada Post Agency, which isn't a physical entity at all. But the Portuguese looks like it only has two parts. Should it possibly be just "post office"? Paulenrique?


"Agência dos correios" is used to refer to a physical place, whereas "Correios" refer to the main company related to posts. =)


Sounds like "post office" is the right answer and "post office agency" is just wrong.

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