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"The church has a big church bell that it rings all the time."

Translation:Kirken har en stor kirkeklokke, som den ringer med hele tiden.

March 22, 2015



Is the Danish correct? Must the word "med" be in this sentence?


Yes, it is correct :) "Ringer med" implies an object being rung by a subject, for example "Hun ringer med klokken" - she rings the bell. "Klokken ringer" - "the bell rings/is ringing" has only subject + verb.


Thanks. It sounds logical but how could you guess? (I'm neither Danish nor English.) No matter how hard I tried, I needed to get a "no, your answer is wrong!" to learn this. It's like you teach your kids how to ride a bike and after they crashed hard into the wall, you tell them how to use the brakes.


Yes, Duo should have given us earlier examples such as "Pigen ringer med kirkeklokken."


Tak! I learned something new today.


Hvorfor er det "som den ringer" og ikke "som ringer"


Fordi den engelske ord "it"


"The church has a big church bell that it rings all the time." is incorrect. The "it" in that sentence should not be there.


Without "it" you have the possibility to assume that the bell rings on its own. This makes it clear that the bell is under the direction of "the church."


Are you a native british? I have never heard of using 'it' in a sentence in such a way. Maybe I missed out something.

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