"He is like his father."

Translation:Tá sé cosúil lena athair.

March 22, 2015

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Is "Tá sé cosúil lena hathair" = "He is like her father."?


Would you use this sentence to say that he looks like his father or does it also refer to his behaviour being like his father. And I have to ask another question concerning the English sentence. Would you say he is like his father for both meanings, look like and behave like?


Yes, in both languages, in the appropriate contexts.

"You'd recognize him all right - he's just like his father".
"D'aithneofá é ceart go leor - tá sé díreach cosúil lena athair"

"He's always in bed by 11, just like his father"
"Tá sé ina leaba faoi 11 a chlog i gcónaí, díreach cosúil lena athair".


Thank you so much for all your help and further explanations. The only way to show my appreciation is to give you a lingot...


Does this literally mean "There is similarity with his father" ??


No. There is no "sé" in your suggestion.

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