"De ligger och sover."

Translation:They are lying down and sleeping.

March 22, 2015

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The two "correct" solutions are listed as "They are lying and sleeping" and "They are sleeping." The second sounds natural in English, but you'd never say the first. You'd say "They lie sleeping."


You might perhaps already know this, but I’m adding a link to this thread as an additional explanation to this construction.


It should be ‘lying down and sleeping’, if anything.


If I was going to use both lie and sleep, I'd say "They are lying sleeping". For a previous sentence, I'd say "They are sitting eating". (Neither were accepted.) I'm not going to report this for now, but does anyone agree with me or is this a very regional construction to leave out the "and"?


I completely agree. I actually tried "they are lying asleep" just to see if it would be accepted (it wasn't).


These lessons are about continuous tense so "Jag står och lager mat" is "I am cooking" so why is "De ligger och sover" not "They are sleeping"? It is insisting that it is "They are lying and sleeping" which is very odd English.


The problem is basically that whatever is chosen in the admin interface as a default translation is what you're shown when asked to translate in reverse - from English to Swedish. What this means is that if the way more logical "They are sleeping" is chosen as a default, there's no good way of teaching the translation of the continuous into Swedish, since De sover is much closer to that in isolation. So it's an unfortunate byproduct of a system which does a lot of things really well - but not this one at all.


I have always been fascinated by the english word 'lying'. The same pronunciation means both 'not telling the truth' and 'having your body in a horizontal position'


Why can't I translate this to 'they are lying down and sleeping' , they are lying and sleeping feels like an odd translation here.


I really thought that was already accepted. Added it now.


You don't say.


The hint gives "lie down" as a translation for "ligger", so why not say "They lie down and sleep."?


I try to put this in my live: Telefonen ringer, jag svarar i telefon. "Hej, detta är Boddason." "Hej, detta är Carl. Kan jag få prata med din fru?" "Nej, hon ligger och sover." Har jag greppat det rätt?


Yes :-) Very good!
Maybe should a conversation between friends be a bit less formal.

Möjligen skulle en konversation mellan vänner vara lite mindre formell.

"I try to put this in my live: Telefonen ringer, jag svarar i telefon[en].

-Correct, but In this example it should be be "telefonen". THE phone. your phone.

Or just skip redundant info, like this:

THE telephone rings and I answer.

"TelefonEN ringer och jag svarar."

"-Hej, detta är Boddason." "Hej, detta är Carl. Kan jag få prata med din fru?" "Nej, hon ligger och sover." Har jag greppat det rätt? "

Ja :-) Jättebra!

Or someting like this:

"Telefonen ringer och jag svarar, -Hallå det är Boddason, -Hejsan det här är Carl Carlsson, skulle jag kunna få prata en stund med din fru? Nej tyvärr, hon ligger och sover just nu, skall jag hälsa henne att du har ringt? (No im sorry, shes sleeping right now , should I tell her that you did call ?)


Add my discomfort to the long list of others. If the system comes up with these odd sentences, that should not be used in English, then can't they be eliminated?


It took mee way too much time to realize that lying in this context doesn't mean telling false accusations but to lay down hahaha....

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