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  5. "You eat a meal."

"You eat a meal."

Translation:Du äter en måltid.

March 22, 2015



What's the difference in usage between 'du' and 'ni'? I see it pop up everytime but I don't get it


I know this is late, but in case you still need it explained. In English, the word "You" can mean both one person or multiple. For example: "You are a woman" refers to 1 person, and "You are women" refers to at least 2.

In Swedish, the word "Du" refers to 1 person "Du är en kvinna (You are a woman)", whereas "Ni" refers to 2 or more "Ni är kvinnor (You are women)".


I am not an English native speaker, so I do not understand the difference between "food" and "meal" (which I translate as a same word in my language). In this case I refer to the difference between mat and måltid.


Mat ’food’ is the general word for things that you eat, whereas måltid ’meal’ is food that have been prepared to be eaten at a specific time during the day. ’Breakfast’ is a ’meal’, and ’lunch’ is another ’meal’.


tack så mycket! :)


I'm still confused when to use Du or Ni. Is there a rule?


In this sentence, "you eat the meal"... is it not correct both "ni" and "you"?

Ni äter måltid... Du äter måltid.


But it's a meal so it has to be "ni äter en måltid"/"du äter en måltid".


Ups!!!! Lack of attention!!! Thanks for the point! :)

the meal = måltiden / a meal = en måltid


What's up with the Ups Omar


Man, I must be tired. I just translated into English. And yes, that is what I meant to type.

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