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Suggestion: re: Streak Freezes

It occurred to me after losing my 70 day streak due to a family emergency arising yesterday that the logical --and useful--placement for a streak freeze is retroactively. After all, if you could get to a computer to buy a freeze, you might as well do a lesson or translation while there to keep your streak active.

Right now, it's only good if you know you aren't going to be able to practice. Which is great--but useless if there' s an emergency.

Just a thought.

March 23, 2015



Actually, the streak freeze doesn't freeze your streak for the day you buy it, it automatically works when you miss a day.


That's really good to know. It was not (and still isn't from the language on the lingot store page) at all clear to me that was how it worked. I bought one before when I knew I was going to miss the next day. I wish I had known this before.


I agree! The description in the lingot store is not clear at all.


I bought a Streak Freeze several months ago and it is still active, waiting for the day that I forget to do a lesson.

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