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so which is it? Why are they different and how to I figure out which one to place in the sentence? Is it a male-female difference?

3 years ago



right: gatas is female, gatos is male. In the multiple choice questions you can select 2 answers.

3 years ago


In spanish the gender is important, of course. In this case:

  • Gato/Gatos (male cat/cats)

  • Gata/Gatas (female cat/cats)

The only difference in use gata/gato in a sentence is what you want to mean, keeping in mind the gender.

  • An example

  • My neighbor had a cute cat named Mary / Mi vecino tenia una linda gata llamada Mary

(Mary is a female name, then you must use gata and not gato)

  • Does your child wish a cat ? / ┬┐Tu hijo quiere un gato/gata?

(In this case you can use both, but it is common using gato, when the gender is not especified in the sentence)

I hope this helps you with your doubt and not confuses you more...


3 years ago


Check the word before un(male) una(female)

3 years ago