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  5. "Gearrann an scian an t-arán."

"Gearrann an scian an t-arán."

Translation:The knife cuts the bread.

March 23, 2015



Is the "t-" added to words to show case (function in the sentence; ie- differentiating from the subject) or does it have to do with vowels vs consonants?


The t- is added after an when the noun is masculine and starts with a vowel. So it would be gearrann an scian an t-arán because arán is a masculine noun, but gearrann an scian an ubh because ubh is a feminine noun.



I feel like im never going to get used to gealic sentence structure


This is my fourth time through the course and am still finding the accent confusing. Gearann an scian an darann

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