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Dashboard showing some students' progress but not all

I have about 250 students I am tracking on the dashboard, some of my students I can see their progress, some I cannot. There are only 0s by their name. Some of these students with zeros have shown me in their app that they have indeed been using Duolingo but I can't see their progress, especially days used and lessons completed.

Checking each student's phones during class his is not the most efficient solution for my large classes Is there something I may be missing to help fix this?

Thanks for your help :)

March 23, 2015



We'll look into this!


Thank you :) have an excellent day!


I have also been having problems like this. I asked them to re-authenticate their link ( going to duolingo by way of the link generated to ask them to join the class) but I am still seeing zero progress for some kids that I know are putting in the work. Also, one kid's XP does not seem accurate at 1, 400 something but he's only completed a couple of skills. How would this happen?


I'm having the same problem as well. In the update emails I can see what progress they've been making but on the dashboard I get nothing but 0s.

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