"A equipe errava as conclusões."

Translation:The team used to miss the conclusions.

September 1, 2013

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You know, the translation of this verb 'errar' is a blasted nightmare in Duolingo


This doesn't make any sense, does it?


"The used to make a mistake with the conclusions". The Wath?


"The team was wrong about...." was accepted. Could be "...used to be wrong..." but, hey, I'm celebrating!

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    Congratulations. Your translation actually sounds like normal English.


    Is this about something like a football team who used to lose when it came to the final match? The English translation given here does not make sense to me.

    [deactivated user]

      And right you are!! I wonder just exactly where, when, and by whom DL's sentence: The team used to miss the conclusions* would be used. On what planet?


      Is this some term I'd know if I followed sports or is this sentence just nonsensical?


      This solutuon is wrong (The used to get the conclusions wrong.) and didn't accept my solution "The team got the conclusions wrong).


      I missed a word here. What I really wrote: "The team used to make a mistake with conclusions".

      [deactivated user]

        errar = to mistake - past tense: mistook

        The team mistook the conclusions.


        "mistook" isn't imperfect past


        I tried "the team used to make mistaken conclusions" in an an attempt to produce something that might convey the true meaning of the sentence, but it was rejected.


        'erred in its conclusions' should be acceptable. ....

        I understand that not all reasonable (american) english phraseology can be easily entered into the database and managed by the algorithms (especially in a system that is free, which i appreciate greatly : -) but it's frustrating (for a good writer) to start modifying his own writing style (in english, not the language he is learning, of course) in order to accommodate the system ......


        If it helps anyone out there, "the team used to miss the conclusions" was accepted for me.

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