"The shirt has buttons."

Translation:Skjortan har knappar.

March 23, 2015

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Pronouncing the skj- is very hard. This partly because it is difficult to hear it clearly. Is it just getting my ear adjusted by practice or should I look for another source to sort this?


Sorry for the late answer, you've probably found the answer by now, but for anyone else having difficulty - there are many videos on youtube that will take you through pronunciation of the various Swedish sounds, as well as any other languages you may need help with. I have had to go to youtube quite often, and it's really helpful.


Be careful! There is a knappar on the news!


Right, it said the correct answer was "Blusen", but that was NOT one of the choices to pick from in the drop down for shirt .. "Skjort"


Blusen is only an accepted answer. It can be shown to you if you input something that the system thinks is similar to it. It should not be shown in multiple choice questions here.


Ah. Yes, that'd be an error then.


Who uses Swedish in social media now? Im praticing it in Instagram


Blusen was Not even an option


A blus is a top, not a shirt.


I mistakenly wrote "Skjorten". Am I right to say that it is "-an" because the root word (Skjorta) ends with "a"? So "Skjorten" would be correct if there were such a thing as a "Skjort"?

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