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"She is nineteen and works with her mother."

Translation:Ela tem dezenove anos e trabalha com a mãe.

September 1, 2013



is dezenove masculine because it referres to the years and not the girl??????


You are right, but most numbers are masculine so it is often not possible to match genders. However, if she was 21 you would use "vinte e um" (masculine) rather than "vinte e uma" (feminine).


in this sentence, how do we know she is related to the motherr?


You can use "sua mãe" or "mãe dela", but as there isn't any other person quoted here, it's probably referring to her own mother


We don't. You could translate "a mãe" as "the mother" but in that case the sentence seems incomplete because it leaves us in the dark about whose mother she works with, and so the most satisfactory, if not almost obligatory translation is the one given. Despite what I say, the answer with "the mother" should also be accepted I think.


So when you are referring to age you have to have the "tem", you can't say "ela é dezenove"?


Exatly! In Portuguese you have to use "to have" for ages.


The second half of the question is obscured by the answers!!!

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