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Is the lingot store accessible during lessons?

I've noticed there is a new tab on my home page and inside it is a store selling many advantages including a heart refill.

Apparently you're supposed to buy the heart refill before the lesson. Is it supposed to work differently?

September 1, 2013



Nope, it's before the lesson.


Also, if you're able to answer this, what is the timed practice thing in the store? Apparently it says I'm equipped but I have no idea what it means. (Sorry if I'm asking too much. I'm just a bit curious.)


I would like to know this too!


Ok, thanks for telling I was just wondering/hoping.


why dont I see the lingot store?


Because only 25% of users have Lingots, And the Lingot store

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Picture me stomping my feet and throwing a tantrum...I Want My Lingot Store...I Want My Lingot Store...I Want My Lingot Store...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pardon me. I'll go have a warm cup of cocoa and calm myself now. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of MY Lingot Store. :)


yeah i know me too


me tooooooooooooooooooo!!! Not fair - why cant we all be in the 25%? :(




You and 1kovacevicm1 dont have the lingot store sorry :( (out of the people i know about)


well i don't either


I just started and I've gotten fancy banners telling me I've earned lingots. I got a screen announcing that I had 3 lingots and after completing another lesson I got a banner proudly announcing I had earned 1 lingot. This seemed like I had somehow "lost" lingots..

But more importantly.. I am "awarded" lingots with much fanfare but cannot see how many lingots I have nor can I find any way of using them.

Shouldn't I only be "awarded" lingots if I can see them and use them?


I agree. I once accessed the lingot store when I failed a timed practice and it said that I should have purchased a heart refill from the story. There was a link when this happened, and it's how I found the store. Then I later noticed a tab that allowed me access to the store, but I'd already bought everything that I needed. I used my heart refill today, and can't find the story again. I went through a skills practice and just got the answers wrong on purpose and it offered me a link to buy a heart refill again. This seems to be the only way that I can access the store.

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