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  5. "Non mi ha detto il suo nome."

"Non mi ha detto il suo nome."

Translation:She has not told me her name.

September 1, 2013



Why not detta if it is "she" who has not told me? Isn't detto only for male, singulare?


All through Duolingo it accepts only he/she for the third person. In Italian, "ha" can also be used to address the formal you. It should be accepted here, instead of just he/she


I need help, i cannot see "her name" anywhere in this


You're confused because Italian possessive adjectives (suo,tuo,mia..) agree with the noun being possessed (il nome) and not with the possessor.

Note that since there is also no personal pronoun (lui,lei) stating "who told me the name" this sentence could be translated, at least, in four different ways: He/She has not told me his/her name.


Thanks, this means duolingo needs four answers, sometimes it feels like we are writing the course. :-)


Yes, I think we are indeed writing half of the course. And That's OK for me.


what's wrong here with "he haven't told me his name"? ("he didn't tell me his name" is accepted)


It must be "He hasn't told me his name."


What's wrong with "he hasn't said his name".. Why I had to use "told" instead of "said".. Confusing


Because the 'mi' in the sentence means 'to me' in English, and it sounds more natural in English to say "He hasn't told me his name" rather than "He hasn't said his name to me" (at least it doesn't sound natural to my ears)


So how can one be certain about the sex in conversation or reading. To be right one must but the atticle there , no? Il non mi ha...


Shouldn't the past participle agree with the gender and number? Ha detta/detto?


There is nothing here to suggest 'she's - is there??

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