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For those interested in European Portuguese...

Now, I know duolingo teaches Brazilian Portuguese, and I'm cool with that! But for anyone who's interested in EP (Even if it's just for the sake of curiousity!), I wanted to share a website that I think is really useful for learners!


They have podcasts for listening comprehension. Two types, one for articles (which are read in two speeds: Slow, and normal) and dialogues. And they've recently started a blog. :)

I've been following them for a quite a while now, and they're really friendly and responsive to your suggestions and comments. (They have a facebook page too!) Anyway, I thought it was a nice find when I found it, so I thought I'd share it here.

September 1, 2013



Sweet. Thank you....I got back to England 2 hrs ago after a great holiday in Portugal (Oporto and a valley in Minho called Covas)...Brilliant holiday.


Thanks, there are portuguese language communities on google+, if anyone is interested in chat.


Thanks for the tip. :) I'm not too familiar with google + but I'll take a look!

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