"Which dress do you want?"

Translation:Qual vestido você quer?

September 1, 2013



Since it is "which dress" my answer was singular, and I got it wrong. It even told me "You used the singular "vestido" here, instead of the plural "vestidos". Why does it have to be plural? What do you say if you want someone to choose just one, then?

September 30, 2013


"Qual vestido você quer?" should be accepted!

September 30, 2013


It wasn't :(

February 9, 2015



June 26, 2015


12/03/15..STILL not accepted

December 4, 2015


My answer was 'Qual vestido queres tu?' which was wrong. I chose it because I translated it to Spanish first, 'Cual vestido quieres tu?' (excuse the lack of correct punctuation). Why is the correct answer 'Qual dos vestidos queres?'? Wouldn't that translate to 'Which of the dresses do you want?'?

September 27, 2013


That sounds ok for PT-PT, but for BR-PT "qual vestido você quer?" sounds more natural.

September 27, 2013


YET,IT was marked incorrect....

February 9, 2015


Adding to Paulenrique's comment: Using "tu" in Portuguese regardless of it being Brazilian or European is still considered grammatically correct. But as he said, in most parts of Brazil "você" is more commonly used. But I see what you're saying, I would have translated it as "Qual vestido queres" instead of "Qual dos vestidos queres" as well. You can probably report it as correct, the next time you see it. :)

September 28, 2013


I may be wrong but I believe in Portuguese you should not put the subject pronoun after the verb like you can in Spanish, you should say qual vestido tu queres?

June 2, 2014


Yes, it is not so common to switch pronoun and verb in Portuguese.

June 2, 2014


If you'd left off the "tu", it would have been counted as correct. It was in my case. "Qual vestido queres?"

July 2, 2014


Quais vestidos você quer was right but do people say that? Why Qual instead of quais?

September 9, 2014


Does this translate to "Which of the dresses do you want?" or perhaps "Which of the two dresses do you want?"

January 29, 2015


"Which dress do you want?" maybe the true translation is "qual è o vestido que voce quer?", ????

September 1, 2013


Or use a literal translation; qual vestido você quer? Simple and useful ;)

September 1, 2013


OK, Thanks guys! 'cause duolingo gives an error if you write "qual é o vestido que você quer ?" ... I'm italian (it is similar to portuguese) and I didn't understand why it would have been an error!

September 2, 2013


qual vestido voce quer is the translation i thought it should be but that wasn't in the options so the answer was qual dos vestidos voce quer. So why/when would you ever use dos vestidos ?

May 24, 2015


"qual é o vestido que você quer ?" can be used but is more informal

September 1, 2013


I think that would be "which is the dress that you want."

May 22, 2014

  • 1 to "qual é o vestido que voce quer". This one must count as good
February 15, 2014


I'm visiting Rio Grande do Sol, in Brazil, right now, and they keep saying "tu quer". So my translation was "Qual dos vestidos tu quer?" but it was corrected to "Qual dos vestidos tu queres?".

Supposing they use "tu" more than "voce" in the south, why do they use the voce conjugation? Is this just a regional thing?

July 21, 2014


I had an insightful comment, but the app just ate it. :-(

February 28, 2015


It's actually asking for the translation of "Which of the dresses do you want?"

June 13, 2015


So I think is translates nicely as : "Which of the dresses (do) you want?" My question now is why is it not "quais dos vestidos..." - I thought 'quais' was for plural and 'qual' for singular ?

April 30, 2016
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