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  5. Hoş geldiniz! Welcome!


Hoş geldiniz! Welcome!

Welcome everyone! We are very happy to release the course. This discussion will be updated soon :)

March 23, 2015



Thank you so much, to the whole Turkish team!!! I'm working on the first lesson now, yay!!!!!


So excited to learn! Thanks for all the hard work, Team Turkish!


"Basics" just broke my brain, but in a really really cool way! Yay!


Me too...perfect response. Definitely fascinated by this language now. Not intimidated or daunted, just fascinated!


Yeah , it's a really cool language. It's a lot of fun speak after learning how to pronounce it too. I also like the verb being last, it's interesting.


Same! My head actually hurts.


Same thing happens when we natives try to learn a European language :T


And yet you are at level 7 already. Guess it did not stay broken.


No, no. That's me practicing the really early tree skills over and over until I feel secure enough in them to move on. I'm really enjoying Turkish. I wanted a non-Indo-European language to sort of rip my training wheels off, as it were. I knew what I was getting into. But it's much harder for me than Spanish & German. It's fun & interesting; I'm in a constant kind of "ooh, neat, you can do language like that!?" daze, but it's hard.


I'm learner number 5 :) Merhaba!


haha I also started with seeing only 4 learners of the course ;) UPDATE: It still shows the same number.


I was the 391st... the group is growing fast! :)


Yeah, I just noticed that :)


Me too ^^ we're all the number 5... sounds creepy x)


Actually, we're all #4. After I joined, I took a screenshot documenting that I was learning the language, and that there were only 4 learners. It did not advance to 5 until later in the day. (All of us being number 4 is even creepier, right?)


So what do you think of the course guys? Is it learner-friendly?


I think it is. You just really need to get your brain flexible enough to get used to SOV sentences if you're a former learner/user of SVO languages. Anyway, I hope to get further with the course :)


There is a little club of learner number fives LOL :D


Thank you so much for all your hard work Turkish Team!!


Finally :)

Thanks for your hard work.


Thank you so much!!! :)


Yes, finally my new flag is showing!


Turkish is so HARD! =) But really interesting! =D Yay


yes, as a turk, turkish looks difficult to me ! xD


I can't wait to start this :)


Congratulations, and thanks, to the Turkish team! I'm glad to be here for the opening of this course.

I know you guys worked hard for this.


I came to the US from Turkey when I was four and I've literally been speaking Turkish like a four-year-old ever since. It's very frustrating. I'm already seeing progress and this course should fix my Turkish for good. It'll be great to see how my family and friends in Turkey react. Thanks to everyone involved!


Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It's pretty neat so far. Thanks for all the time and effort!


Thank you so much! I can't wait to get started. I looked down the tree and the last lesson look like it will be great! :D


Yaaaaaaaah. Well done Team Turkish!! You should be soooo happy. Now comes the daunting task of error reports lol. Good luck


Basic 1 is done! Thanks so much team Turkish. Probably don't have time to do much more than sample the course right now, but I will certainly return later this year.


Yay! I'm really enjoying the course!

Thank you, Turkish Team! ^^


YEAAAHHH!!!!!! Thanks to the team, I'm sooOOOoooOOOooo HAPPY :D


As a Turkish man i checked my skills and started level 7 ^^ i hope you enjoy with learning Turkish guys.


Thank you, Team Turkey.

I look forward to doing your course :D


Finally! Thank you so much for all your hard work on this course.


I'm so excited! Thanks for all the hard work (:


Finally! Thanks TeamTurkish!


Congrats ! I'm testing it right now, just a little feedback, the audio seems to be slow in some examples although when you click hear again it plays in normal speed, I don't know if its like that in the beginning or not, however for example ("yasli adam") sounds really bad in the slow version , more like (yesli adam). I encountered with few other examples also where slow version is wrong but the normal speed seems acceptable.


This is normal for Duo. For the first few lessons they play all the audio slowed down (as if you'd clicked the turtle symbol in a regular listening exercise) so you can figure out the sounds.


Ah ok thats why ! Still, in some slow versions the pronunciations are just wrong (although the normal versions are fine) .


We are aware of this. But there is simply nothing we can do. We tested ALL TTS which were available and this was the best one. But even the best one has several problematic audios. All we can do is to remove them from listening exercises, which we already mostly did.

[deactivated user]

    Thanks for contributers.i hope to see post like this for PERSIAN OR FARSI language.just 4 learners now join and Start learning turkish


    Thanks for putting this together! I've always had an interest in Turkey, despite having absolutely no ties to it, and the fact that this is the first non-Indo-European course is just an added bonus for my brain. ;) I imagine that this is going to be a lot of hard work, but I'm ready for it!


    Thanks for all the hard work! Alright, let's learn Turkish now


    This is going to be so much fun ! Thank you , to all who put in the work ! Teşekkürler


    THANK YOU, Turkish team - I was waiting for such a long time for this course! If you ever pass by Vienna - just drop me a line. I will invite you for a coffee :)


    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been waiting for this course with so much excitement. So many people have been made very happy today. Thank you for all your hard work! Hurray for Team Turkish!!!!


    Çok teşekkür ederim! Thank you all for creating this for us. I know it was a ton of work, and I'm so excited to get started.


    The course is wonderful, thank you Turkish Team!


    Thank you so very much for all the work you guys have done on this course! =D I'll start straight away! ;)


    It's so hard! But I'm liking it so far. The only tiny glitch I noticed is that when I finished the very first lesson for the first time, it gave me 3 XP for redoing the lesson! After that, I got 10 xp per new unit. Thank you for the all the work!


    Çok teşekkürler! Bekleyemedim.


    Woah. I struggled to level 2 despite the booming headache Turkish has given me. Gonna take a while to get used to it. Ouch...

    But regardless, congratulations to the course creators!


    Thank you so much for this course! So hyped for it! Tesekkurler ederim! Seni seviyorum!!


    Delighted the course has been released at long last! Many thanks for all your hard work.


    teşekkürler! harika!~ türkçe seviyorum ^^

    I learned a little Turkish here and there but never with enough exercises.


    I was embarrassed when I went to Turkey for 5 days last year and came back without knowing a word of the language (besides some random words that are the same in Bulgarian (a language I have some knowledge of), like "chorapi" (socks) and "pamuk" (cotton)). I hope to visit Turkey again and hope that my new language skills will help me get more out of my time there!


    Thank you so much Turkish team! kisses from Argentina :)


    Any news on when the mobile app will be updated to include Turkish?


    thanks very much for your hard work :) please update when turkish class will be avaiable on the app!


    You took this from my mind. How?


    Çok güzel! I'm so excited about this; I actually squeed when I saw the notification! Tessekur edirim~! <3


    Tesekküler turkish team! I was waiting for months and months to start, finally the great day arrived


    Seriously doing back flips right now. Best news of the day.


    Merhaba! Thank you so much for your hard work putting together the Turkish course. It's a challenge, but I love it!!


    YAY! Really looking forward to this language. Thanks to the Turkish team


    thank you so much to the whole team :) !! I`ve been waiting for this so long !


    i just finished the basics, and wow! i have never heard turkish before. so this has been really interesting, let alone alphabet is strange, the work for girl i cannot get it spelled right and i cannot really determine what i am seeing


    Çok teşekkür ederim, biraz daha zor ders var mi veya herkes ayni yer başliyor mi?


    Bir sınavla başabilirsin. Mesele, sınav geçip lv5'te baştım.


    Tesekkur ederim Selcen ve Alex ve oburun ogretmenleri! Turkce ogrenmekten cok mutluyum!

    (I'm sure I messed that up somehow... But that's why I'm studying!)


    "...Selcen, Alex ve diğer öğretmenlere." --> would be a better one. :)


    Thank you for this course, I'll be very slow because I'm also learning other languages, but I'm interested in Turkish and the basics seem really easy to learn and enjoyable.


    I love you guys! thank you for your effort.


    I am very enthusiastic about this course. Bit surprised by word order. Thanks.


    Thank you so much, this will make my Turkish class so much easier


    Congrats on releasing the course!


    I think that I accidentally discovered a spoiler: the Turkish extras are to be about Family relatives and about Turkish phrases. Confirmed?


    yes, and it is not a spoiler, I wrote it somewhere in the discussion too :)


    We are still waiting for the Phrases part!


    and I cannot do anything about it


    Hoş bulduk!! (I think that is correct.) :)


    Turkish will be my first non indo-european language! Great job team Turkish!


    I'm really very happy. Now, study Turkish language is a reality for me :P Thanks Team Turkish!!! :))


    So far the course has been very good. Learned Su, Elma, bread (in Turkish) drink and eat


    I was waiting that day for opening Turkish course!! Thank you so much!!

    [deactivated user]


      Same here from Russia


      Thank you for your hard work! Wow, there are more than 10 thousand guys in this Turkish course already! I am so happy to be one of them :D


      That feel when people here are already level 8+ and I've been working on swedish for 11 days 50 xp each and am level 6


      I have a problem with the sound. I hear no turkish words. Is there something wrong with the course?


      Çok teşekkürler! Dayanıp hedefinize ulaştığınız için tebrik ediyorum. Harika!


      Thank you for the Turkish course. I learn this way much faster than I did at my previous attempts to learn Turkish. Even my turkish neighbour is impressed!


      Quick question: I'm currently preparing for the Tomer Turkish A1 exam. How many words does this course contain and what level will I reach after completing it? Thank you :)


      Hi Aygul :) It covers all A1 and A2 grammar topics, as well as some B1-B2 topics. we have 1495 incubator words, probably around 1000 individual words


      Awesome, really happy to hear that! Teşekkür ederim :)


      After 3 months of struggling to get by in Istanbul, I'm so excited about the launch of the course. I need this in my life!! Thank you!


      bruh as a turk, german is difficult to me.

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