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"Hai bisogno che ti veda un medico."

Translation:You need a doctor to see you.

September 1, 2013



"You need that you see a doctor." is given under the sentence as a correct solution. "You need to see a doctor." makes more sense. Even though, the most correct here is: "you need a doctor to see you".


I think this is wrong: "You need that you see a doctor"

"You need to see a doctor" makes more sense but I think that would be: "Hai bisogno di vedere un medico."


yes. i thought it was wrong in italian to use the subjunctive when the two clauses of the sentence have the same subject. as you say, you use the infinitive


I thought so too! I know that you use the subjunctive with the impersonal verb bisognare so maybe "bisogna che ti veda un medico" would work and the infinitive with "hai bisogno"


It doesn't use di vedere in the subordinate clause because the subject of that clause is un medico. The literal meaning of the clause is "that a doctor sees you". As the two clauses have different subjects a relative (subordinate) clause starting with che and using the subjunctive is required.


DL accepts that. It's tricky that "veda" applies to 1st, 2nd and 3rd persons, so one has trouble seeing who the verb refers to.


Yes, but ti is an obj pronoun making un medico the clausal subj. (technically speaking)


DL accepts "You need to see a doctor"


Yeah that first sentence has to be incorrect, as 'a doctor' should be the subject of the second verb, rather than 'you'.

The slightly archaic sounding "You need that a doctor see you" would be a better alternative translation which includes 'that' in it.


You need to see a doctor, is accepted


Better to make it passive in English and say "You need to be seen by a doctor." but better still and much more likely "You need to see a doctor".


"You need to be seen by a doctor." is accepted, 2019-Sep-16. Someone said exactly that to me one time, when they saw an infection on my arm.


And what about: You need to have a doctor see you.


I think you need "fare" somewhere for that.


Maybe Hai bisogno di farti vedere da medico.


Can I use 'Hai bisogno di vedere un medico' to mean 'You need to see a doctor' in a conversation instead of what given?


OR: "You need to have a doctor see you." Accepted! 'ti' is the object.


Aha! I had missed that the first time, and was completely confused about why this would require the subjunctive. Thanks!


Instead of "to be seen by a doctor" I wrote "to be looked at by a doctor." I understand that "seen" is more correct in a direct translation but in my experience "to be looked at by a doctor" is used more often in English.


In American English at least, it's much more common to say "be seen by a doctor" than "looked at by a doctor." But I don't think you should lose a heart over it.


Is it wrong "medic" for "medico"?


Why isn't "you have to see a doctor" correct?


I'm guessing it's because "need to" ("avere bisogno di") is different from "have to" / "must" ("dovere").


I believe "you see a doctor" means "you visit a doctor" and "a doctor to see you" means "the doctor checks you, or see your bruises or your arm or whatever you have wrong"


"Hai bisogno che un medico ti veda." Doesn't this say "You need a doctor to see you," without unnecessarily placing the direct object at the end of the sentence ("for emphasis" as I'm regularly told is the excuse for this confusing construction)? And if we're getting down to simple, straightforward English, doesn't "Hai bisogno che tu veda un medico" "You need to see a doctor" make the most sense?


I suspect that in Italian when you go to a doctor it is for the purpose of him seeing you rather than you seeing him. Thus, the construction of the sentence. In English we simply use the phrase of going to see the doctor without thinking much about what a patient gains by literally (and merely) seeing the doctor.


Exactly. I think most of the posts on this discussion are missing the important point that the normal English expression is for you to see a doctor but the normal Italian expression is for the doctor to see you. DL is as usual too literal so we should just ignore their computer and learn this interesting reversal of thinking.


Why is it "doctor" and not "medic"? I thought doctor was "dottore".


Anyone who has a phd can be called a doctor regardless of which subject they studied. Dottore in Italian does mean doctor but only refers to a professional person, and a phd is not specifically required. In English, a doctor is usually understood to be a medical doctor, whereas in Italy, if you want to see a medical doctor, you would have to say medico or there might be some confusion.


So "you need" is accepted (as it shoul) for "hai bisogno" but "to want" is not for "avere voglia" ?


I think you neef to see a doctor mskes more sense


why is there ti and hai?


Somewhat confusing


I thought it was always hai bisogno 'di'........can someone please tell me why che is used??


IF the sentence were "you need to see a doctor." No subjunctive would be necessary,right? "Hai bisogno di vedere un medico." But since the need for you is that the doctor see you, 'che...medico' acts as a subordinate clause being used as the direct object of your need. Right?


I don't think that this sentence is in the subjunctive!


It is subjunctive because of the phrase construction 'Hai bisogno che'. If instead 'Hai bisogno di' was used them it wouldn't be subjunctive.


Hai bisogno che (lui) ti veda. = You need him to see you.

Hai bisogno che ti veda un medico. You need a doctor to see you.

che io veda

che tu veda

che lui veda

che noi vediamo

che voi vediate

che loro vedano


I haven't read the comments yet, but just had to say that I really do not like this sentence at all! It's backwards. It must have come from someone somewhere on the globe that still has doctors who make house calls.


When I go to an appointment with my doctor, I am told, "The doctor will see you now.", not "You'll see the doctor now."


Why You need that a doctor to see you is wrong


Using "You need that a doctor see you." or "You need a doctor to see you." would be okay. However, using both 'that' and 'to see' in the same sentence is not correct.


Your sentence was likely marked incorrect because "that" is not used in this way in English. Although similar structures in other languages would use a conjunction, in English, "I/you/he need/s" is not followed by a conjunction such as "that", and including it would make a sentence incorrect.


the Italian pronounciation is definitely bisognA...The guy reading the sentence needs to see a doctor ,for sure.


Oh please: "You need to go see a doctor"? Can we have some English sentences here?

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