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  5. "İçerim."


Translation:I drink.

March 23, 2015



Can you drop pronouns, like in Spanish?


So far, the grammar reminds me a lot of Latin, despite no similarity in the vocabulary. No articles, verbs at the end of the sentence, and pronouns that can be dropped.


So far it reminds me a bit of Irish (the bit I know from duolingo so far), except with the verb at the back instead of front: -im for 1st singular, and a separate pronoun for 3rd.


This one made me think a lot of Irish and especially "Ithim" that means I eat haha


Long time ago I studied a little Latin and that's my impression too.


selcen_ozturk i want to thank you personally so much. i am so happy that the turkish course is out, i can't express it enough. tesekkur ederim. you are mukummel


Not mukummel, mükemmel :D


Are there any irregular verbs in Turkish?

In spanish the irregular verbs don't have an -o ending if it's an "I [verb]" sentence.

For example,

Irregular verb: "yo soy"

Regular verb: "yo bebo", "yo corro", "yo camino"?

edit: bebo


There's only 1 irregular verb in Turkish - "olmak" - which means "to be" or "to happen" - and it's nowhere near as irregular as "ser" in Spanish!


that's not quite true, there are 13 irregular verbs in the aorist tense, but that's a "small" irregularity, they take ır-ir instead of ar-er



oh look, that old nightmare from Classical Greek, aorist! Imagine meeting you here...


how do I know it is me who drinks. is the -im part at the end telling that its me who drinks it?


For "içmek" (to drink) verb you can follow this:

(I) Ben içerim

(You) Sen içersin

(He/She/It) O içer

(We) Biz içeriz

(You) Siz içersiniz

(They) Onlar içerler


It seems the speed of the recordings is too fast. Even the "slow" button doesn't pronounce the words slowly and carefully. Is it just me or are others experiencing this as well?


could you not put ben before this for "I"


You could, but you do not have to :)


Whst is the different between içerim and Ben çerim ?


I don't know... I know içerim is I drink


I answered "I am drinking," how is that wrong or different from "I drink"?


"Ben içerim" means "I drink" in English. "I am drinking" is "Ben içiyorum". One present and one continuous :)


Yeah, the grammar can be tricky between these 2 languages.


In the tips & notes for the lesson, it explains that Turkish distinguishes between continuous and simple present tense. (I drink vs. I am drinking), which it says will be dealt with in later lessons.


Thanks, I got that explanation two questions down. :)

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Can anyone explain why does the final i in "içerim" sound just like a dotless "ı" ?


Well, the sound of English-Turkish course has some issues as the moderators say. This is a phonetic language, so if you ever face a dilemma about the voice, listen to your senses, it will probably come true :D And no, the first and the last "i" should have same sound, a sound like "he" in English.


There is a rule in Turkish if a word has "a, ı, o, u" in first syllable then other vowels in the rest of the word will be "a, ı, o, u" or if "e, i, ö, ü" in first syllable then rest will be "e, i, ö, ü". But this rule is not for every word. There are some irregularities to that rule. But that might help.


I see that you can say "Ben içerim" too. But when can you omit/drop pronouns?


they are always optional, unless you have more than 1 in a sentence (ben içerim ama sen yersin: I drink but you eat)


Oh, so you can't say "içerim ve yersin", but you can say "ben içerim ve sen yersin"

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