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Helpful external sources

Here are some materials we have found helpful for learning Turkish. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to post them here.

1- The suffix dictionary

The suffix dictionary. Yes it exists! As you might have noticed, Turkish uses suffixes for almost everything. This website helps you decipher them.

2- Online dictionaries

  • Tureng (En-Tr)
  • Seslisozluk (En-Tr)
  • Pons (Only German to/from Turkish, not from English)
  • TDK (Monolingual Turkish dictionary from the Turkish language association)

3- Websites for grammar explanations:

4- Videos:

5- Stories with Audio:

This website has many stories for children, which also have an audio. They are often simple and clear. Just remember, they were not made for learners, they were actually created for children so perhaps you find them boring or strange. Nevertheless, we think they are very useful for learners

6- Other courses: As you might have already realized, there are not many online sources to learn Turkish. We recommend trying memrise, for example the hacking Turkish course.

7- Grammar books:

Turkish: The Complete Grammar by Routledge Publishing is recommended.

8- Verb conjugation:

You can conjugate any verb in all tenses on Verbix

There might be some errors there of course, actually just found one and reported today (koşmak). And don't be scared when you see how many tenses Turkish has :)

9- Others

I created a Facebook and a lang-8 group so that the users can interact better. There is also a subreddit for Turkish learners and it might be worth checking.

10- TV

11- lyrics training

12- User recommended websites

  • Elon to practice vobabulary
March 23, 2015



Three more suggestions:

1) Forvo has native speakers recording themselves pronouncing words, which is really useful as a 'control' for some the TTS voice's more eccentric pronunciations. Once you sign up (for free) you can request words that haven't been recorded yet.

2) Nişanyan Sözlük is an etymological dictionary for Turkish. For tough Turkish vocabulary (especially the many Arabic and Persian loanwords), I've found this a really useful resource for giving those words a 'story' by which to remember them, as well as deepening my appreciation of the language. Problem - the website is only in Turkish, but even as a beginner I just used Google Translate to figure out what was going on and still found it very hepful. To use the site fully you'll need to open an account, but it's free to do so.

3) Wiktionary is not comprehensive like Nişanyan Sözlük, but will help you with about half the vocabulary in the Duolingo course. It has the advantage of giving conjugation and declension tables for many common nouns and verbs (see e.g. here).


Very excited to start experiencing this language; so many new linguistic features! :)

Could you put forth your personal assessment of the quality of the TTS engine? I'm curious how decent it seems to be from the point of view of a speaker of the language, and if there's any notable and/or predictable flaws that we could keep in mind as learners to avoid pitfalls (such as certain trouble words that the Swedish team highlighted in a post when their course was first launched).

Semi-related, are there any good resources which address pronunciation in detail? Pronunciation is always my first port-of-call for a new language. :)


You'll get much more advisable responses from others, but this is actually one of the easy parts of learning turkish: it pretty much pronounces just like it spells. There are exceptions of course, or rather subtleties - from what i could tell mostly loan words from certain languages that don't really share the same sounds, such as arabic - but overall if you learn the full alphabet, you're pretty much good to go, or at least you will be understood. Now understanding what you're reading, that's the real trick


I've been waiting for this course for so long! Congrats on completing it! Here's another absolutely fantastic resource for language learning which I don't think is very well known. It's a website called Tatoeba (tatoeba.org). What's unique about it is that it's a huge database of sentences and phrases and a ton of languages. I find it's fantastic for looking up certain phrases and also for seeing real life usage of a particular word.


It also has regex-like search options. I found out about it today, makes searching for something specific very easy.


Sağ olun! Çok heyecanlıyım :)


This is one of my favorite listening resources, one that combines my love of Turkish with my love of folk arts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbAe5wAyghs, Ellerin Türküsü Kanal B. It consists of a series of interviews with craftsmen and craftswomen, people who practice traditional Turkish handicrafts. The interviewer speaks slowly and clearly, the people being interviewed tend to speak slowly in return, as they are explaining things to her, and there is great background music as well. Whatever topic is covered I tend to become interested in it, and the accompanying demonstrations help you to understand the context and make educated guesses on the vocabulary.


I added the entire Duolingo Turkish vocabulary and translations to the vocabulary trainer elon.io. You can practice the vocabulary by clicking here


Hi, this thread should be sticked, it is extremely useful. I have it bookmarked, but still.


I completely agree


I have just found a new website with some stories for children, does anybody know it? http://www.masaloku.com/


Teşekkürler Marco! :D That's exactly the difficulty level I've been looking for. While Duo's Italian course enabled me to move on to reading newspapers and wikipedia articles, in Turkish the gap seems far too wide...yet.


You are such troopers, Turkish Team. Thanks for compiling all these sources.


Do you perhaps mean "Turkish: A Comprehensive Grammar" instead of "Turkish: The Complete Grammar"? The latter one doesn't seem to exist when I search for it online.


we need to ask Alex, he recommended the box, I -of course- haven't used any Turkish grammar books in my life :)


Is there a Turkish radio topic?


Some pronunciation examples for those struggling to understand TTS generated voices : https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=travellinguist+turkish


For real life examples here is the Turkish sites of BBC & Euronews :

http://www.bbc.co.uk/turkce http://tr.euronews.com/


Teşekkürler! ! These are excellent.


For learnıng typıng ın Türkçe, I like typing games like typıng space invaders or typıng dance dance revolution while putting my keyboard in turkish Q and adding the letters and punctuations ,.?içöüğış to the customızatıon page at http://www.freetypinggame.net/customized_typing_lessons.asp
İ put ın puncuatıon because it moves from the US standard keyboard layout. Also do the same for Spaniş.


This is really helpful.

[deactivated user]

    Try to watch turkish tv channels like show,D, Star,Tv8.programs like Survivor All star running now


    oh please don't watch survivor :D

    [deactivated user]


      I personally find it quite silly, but of course everyone has a different taste :)


      my favorite Turkish dictionary is http://www.turkishdictionary.net/ since it includes which case verbs take and a lot of different contexts they can be used in. same with nouns. it will also tell if a noun doesn't follow vowel harmony.


      Bu ip yapıştırebilirmisinız? Bu Türkçe yanlış acaba? "Please can you make this thread sticky" nasıl diyoruz?


      ip is a thread but not on a forum :) you can say bu "konuyu" or "başlığı". We won't make this sticky, but we'll update the sticky overview discussion


      Sorry I can't see the sticky overview discussion you mention - where is it please?


      Thx for this! One note so far... The link for TDK is formatted incorrectly, so routes to a 404 page. I was able to remove the portion of the link that was causing the issue and locate the site; but, wanted to point it out to you. Thanks again! :)


      this issue still persists




      It might also be helpful to put a link here to an application for learning new vocabulary you learn outside of the Duolingo vocabulary. I really like elon.io, because of the way it intelligently repeats words you don't know yet, and because it is easy to type Turkish on a standard keyboard. For example, you can type "ccc" to make "ç", which makes you type Turkish pretty fast on a normal keyboard :)


      Wow, these were some quick responses :)


      I'd really love to have a partner with whom I can practice Turkish as I go about it. I am at a beginner's stage but motivated (as of now).


      Assalamualikum, Ma Sha Allah my brother/sister,it is nice


      The https://turkce.yee.org.tr site is a good and free site for learn Turkish.This is created and supported by Yunes Emre institute.


      I take a bit of son dakika haberleri Istambul, give it to Google translator and learn new vocabulary. Often the automatic translation is less than perfect, but you get the gist of the text easily.


      I wonder what people think of language transfer http://www.languagetransfer.org/introduction-to-turkish It's one of the free courses available. I think they help getting started. It's just audio. I am giving it a go with Duo as that one is only audio. But I'll try the suffix dictionary also below as I have time spare.

      [deactivated user]

        Turkish club, and must be active. Here: QCF9UB


        i would like very much to join the Turkish club. Where can I do that?

        [deactivated user]

          Well I only know how to do it on the phone app. So you go to the flag on the phone app for doulingo which is the third button below and click join club and put in the code. Download the phone app first.


          I'm just starting the language and this is a very helpful post.


          Thank you so much!


          I was literally about to post a discussion on where i could find external help


          hey guys how are you


          I don't think anyone has mentioned this, but there is a youtube channel called FCLangMedia, and they cover a variety of languages, and are very in-depth in Turkish.


          This post is really helpful! thanks for the resources :)


          Since I study languages while I commute, I like podcasts a lot. Turkish Tea Time (https://turkishteatime.com/) has conversation based lessons that revolve around particular themes, and range from beginner to advanced. Free via Apple Podcasts. SBS Turkce is a radio show from Australia (with many other languages too) that I listen to from time to time.

          Teach Yourself Turkish was the very first book I ever picked up on Turkish and formed the basis of my knowledge. A handy tool for beginners if you are sick of staring at a digital device.

          Also, I tried the "Istanbul" series (A1 to C2), which I feel like are good for expanding vocabulary and targeting specific language areas you need to work on.

          Grammar Books: Lewis V. Thomas's Elementary Turkish is okay. Ditto on Geoffrey Lewis's Turkish Grammar. These are good if you really want to get granular.


          Hi, I'm Eyup Agagoullari, thanks for all duolingo creators and community there is a website for Turkish learners from a goverment organization. https://turkce.yee.org.tr/ I've finished the course Turkish for English speakers on duolingo. it's very hard for me(I used to finish this course checkpoints) :)

          and if you want to find a Turkish natural speaker you can add me on facebook


          Hi Eyup Thank you, I tried it and promoted to everyone.


          Hello, thank you for the links! I just found a Turkish course online and liked the first lesson, so I want to share the link here: https://learnturkish.com/doys/Ogrenci

          This one I have not testet yet, but it seemed interesting: https://utos.yasar.edu.tr/portal


          Thank you soo mush it's so helpful; good luck


          Teşekkür ederim!

          Indeed, very helpfull sources.


          Çok Teşekkürler !

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