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  5. "That apple is small."

"That apple is small."

Translation:Şu elma küçük.

March 23, 2015



so i wrote "Şu küçük elma" and got it wrong , but in the tip and notes it say that Adjectives and all modifiers in Turkish must always come before the nouns that they modify ; so i am kinda confused what did i do wrong


"Şu küçük elma" is "that small apple".

I agree that we need to make tips&notes more clear.


I struggled with the order it should go in for a second and then got it right by remembering that the verb goes last and, in this case, small is connected with the verb (i don't know if there is a grammatical term for what I'm saying, sorry). Now I know there is no verb in the literal translation of this sentence, but if there was it would be "is" and small needed to come after that so kucuk had to go last. This makes a lot more sense in my head, so I hope you get what I'm saying and it helps you out.


Awesome, it made sense to me ❤️


There is no state of being verb explicitly present, but it is implied by the order of the words. When the adjective comes after the noun, it is implying that there is a state of being verb there. When it goes before the noun, there is no verb.


If kucuk is before the noun, it defines the noun and is an adjective, as in the small apple. If you mean to say the apple "is" small, then it comes after the noun and is used somehow as a verb to mean "is small".

Kucuktur means "is small". So you could also say "su elma kucuktur" to mean "the apple is small" but you can't say "su kucuktur elma".

Su also is used as "this", so "that" would normally be "o".

Duolingo just makes things complicated at early stages, and without some knowledge of the language, most early lessons do nothing but confuse people.


İ have problems to put the letter ue=ú and the letter oe= ö, which is annoying for me.


I did it like this: adective, object, verb. It's been working so far


What's your social id?


What is the difference between şu and bu


Bu = This

Bunlar = These

Șu = That

Șunlar = Those


thank you, why is it not in the tips section?


Bu elma küçük. it is wrong.


"That apple is small." Translation: Şu elma küçük.

Şu - demonstrative pronoun.

Usage of the pronoun "Şu." The demonstrative pronoun "şu" (this or that) & its case forms are used to show the object which is a little further away.


Şuna bak! (Look at this!) ---> Dative case, singular.

Şunlara bak! (Look at these!) ---> Dative case, plural.


shouldnt it be bu elma kucuk? because when i got it wrong, i went online to an english to turkish translator, and it said bu elma kucuk, not su elma kucuk?


bu = this, şu = that. The sentence asks about that apple.


I understand now .. There is difference between " That small girl - şu küçük kız " And " That girl is small - şu kız küçük " Please inform me if i didnt understand it right ..


Could it be O kucuk elma [sorry no Turkish keyboard]?


Why not "o elma coçuk"?


Şu elma küçük(tür)=Şu elma ufak(tır)


i have a query , when to ue su and bu


i think the answer must be ~ Șu Elma küçüktür ~ Right ??


Su elma var küçük is wrong?


Yes, the verb always comes last ["Şu elma küçük var."], but in this case it's not necessary to use it.


We pronounce şu as "shoo" ? Or "soo"?


'Ş' creates the 'sh' sound. 'S' is just a regular 'ss' sound


So the secret is in "that" Thanks guys!


But su means water..right! Or there is a difference between su and şu? And if there is a difference what does şu exactly means and what are it's other uses?


Spanish a iam Turkish and you are wrong and Duolingo is wright


Enough now! I am working so hard but now the sentence structure is troubling me, someone plz tell me where can I improve my grammar first, Duolingo is very weak in this case


Someone plz explain me,why is adjective coming at last in this sentence, isn't that in Turkish that adjective comes first?


Adjective is also a kind of noun. It becomes an adjective only when it comes before a noun. In this sentence, the word "küçük" is a noun, not an adjective.


I wrote Bu ..and told me it is right answer ..why!!


In Turkish, does adjective come before a noun?


What does "küçüktür" mean? Is it a modified adjective...?


"küçüktür" mean "small"

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