How To use Linglot Stores

I had already spent 20 linglots. But I can't understand how to use it and how it can come to my help. Please clarify it.

3 years ago


You can buy bonus lessons for Spanish. - Flirting and Idioms.

You can buy 'timed practice'. - This will allow you to practice your already learned skills but under time pressure.

You can buy a streak freeze if you care about your streak. - the streak freeze preserves your streak if you miss a day. 10 lingots for 1 day of insurance.

If you think you will use Duolingo for the next 7 days you can bet 5 lingots on that.

You can buy Practice Tests.

3 years ago

or you could get a double or nothing and then you could get a streak freeze in case you miss one day and then you won't lose it

1 year ago

good idea huh

1 year ago
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