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'Loading Custom Session'

Hello all.

So, I've been having an error with the Irish progress quiz the past few times I've tried to take it. I get this screen: - direct link just in case

It never gets past 5%. I've even tried turning sound back on (I'm opposed to the Irish voice since it's so bad) and still nothing. I've lost over 100 lingots this way, but didn't think much about it because I had so many. However, the issue has spread, and today I'm unable to complete the Turkish basics lesson. It says 65% instead of 5, and shows me the first question (sometimes even lets me answer it), but always refreshes me back to the home screen.

Is there any way to fix these so I don't keep wasting lingots, and actually get to try out Turkish?

March 23, 2015


[deactivated user]

    It seems that I had trouble with a user script that said "Custom Session" Do you have Duolingo user scripts downloaded? I had to delete that one for Duo to work again.


    Yeah, I bet that's it. I've got the add-on that stops the timed practice between questions. Otherwise, I was never able to report/read discussions.

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