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"Burası evin dışında, bahçenin içinde."

Translation:This place is outside the house, inside the garden.

March 23, 2015



This sentence doesn't make sense in English or Turkish. I asked my wife who's Turkish and she agrees.


That is the nature of duolingo


But only for turkish in French the sentences are usable.


My experience is that these kind of sentences is good learning. Instead of trying to collect usable phrases to remember at the right moment, I actually learn to construct my own sentences, eventually and hopefully with some fluency. I kind of think that is the point with these, kind of random phrases.

Besides, this phrase does make sense, if you imagine looking at a map or an architects drawing, describing a certain part.


Without the map it does not make sense. It also assumes we know more Turkish and think more Turkish than we do. That is what makes it difficult to comprehend


I do not see why it would not make sense without a map. If I was talking to someone while standing in the garden of a house, wanting to point out (for whatever reason) that we are not inside the building, this sentence also would not seem too absurd to me.


I admit that in that situation I might add a conjunction like "and" or "but". I do not think this would be strictly necessary, though.


We need to know this for when we play that game where people guess the object/place but you can give them clues. What is that game called?


Animal, vegetable, mineral


Oof!! I wish Duo gave us more functional language to translate...not things like this or "the dog eats between the cats"...When would we ever need to say that?! :p


This sentence here is an absurd as in both languages it doesn't make any sense, though sentences like "the dog eats between the cats" somehow teach you some structures in the language.


Why isn't ''This is outside the house, in the garden'' accepted? Instead it got corrected to ''This is outside of the house'' which is pretty much the same thing.


Feel free to submit a report. You are correct.


Why is it "burasi" here instead of "burada"?


It's the subject of this sentence. If it was burada, there would be no subject in this sentence.


Why is burasi this place? I translated here and was marked wrong


atrunica, "burasi" is "this is" or "this place is". "Burada" is "here": "burada gel!=come here! or "burada ördekler var=there are ducks here".


Imagine you have a picture of a nicely decorated table in a lifestyle journal, wich is not inside the house. You can find it in the Garden. This way it makes sense.


Duolingo should teach us sentences that used in every days like this sentences doesn't make sense


Can we please stop having sentence fragments in English translations? A semicolon would help, but the punctuation sucks. Why combine multiple clauses like this?


Leaving out the "and" is unnatural in English


And later lessons will count it as wrong if you leave out the and


So what is the implicit verb here?


I feel like there should be an "and" or a "but" in the English sentence.


Both sentences are as unnatural as they can be. xD


I couldn't make this sentence many times. It doesn't make sense. I knew that 'the elephant drinks wine ' but this one was harder to understand for me. Any suggestions of how can I learn the idea sentence with another example? Thanks in advance, friends ☺


"Burası evin dışında, bahçenin içinde." Translation: This place is outside the house, inside the garden.


This is outside of the house, inside of the garden.

Correct other English answer accepted by Duo.


Selam Hilmi dostum! that was also my answer but marked incorrect.

Hope you are well




Your answer is correct.

Hope you are also well.

^ & lingot.


another one with no sound


This sentence does nit make sense


I wrote this is outside the house inside the garden and it marked me correct


Shouldn’t it say “iceriye” instead of icinde?


Jennie, "inside the garden"="bahçenin içinde". If "içeri" it would be "içeride".


It is nonsense. I cant understand neither English nor tukish. We can say cat, dog or car (something) outside and inside. F.e The car is outside the house, inside the garden. I think Duolingo knows about this mistake. Duolingo did it we have duscissing to each other.


Honestly, I don't even understand your problem. I can't judge the Turkish sentence, I'm not good enough with that language yet. But what makes "This place is outside the house, inside the garden." any different from your example "The car is outside the house, inside the garden"? Except for the fact that "this place" isn't exactly an object. What am I missing?


imyeldos, be less rational! Imagine you are in a fair tale! And take it just as an execice to learn how use the words!


Why the translation ALSO can stand: "This place is outside YOUR/HER/HIS house, inside YOUR/HER/HIS garden" ?


CDOVSHnc, it could not."This place is outside your house"= "Burası evinin dışında". The postposition "dışında" need the possessive case ending on the location word "ev", "in"in "evin". If you want to say "your house" you have to add a second possessive suffix for "your"="of you".


What is the suffix of "burası"?

Is it the possessive third person singular?

I can understand how "burada" is locative and that "burası" is the subject of a sentence.. but I am having trouble relating "burası" to it's suffix.


What is wrong with my answer?


Where is the word 'place' in this sentence???


Hello Heather

Where is the word 'place' in this sentence???

"Burası evin dışında, bahçenin içinde." This place is outside the house, inside the garden.

Burası -> "this place."

Bura -> "here" + -sı possessive suffix 3rd person singular -> literally, "this here." We are standing on it. It is under our feet.

We don't know what, "this place" is? Only that it is inside the garden.

Thank you.


I don't understand


I needed to make a Screenshot of this English sentence to remember, cause it sounds so awkward


For this sentence to work in English, the second part needs to be "..., it's inside the garden."

Also, is it really necessary to say "place"? Couldn't it also mean: "This is outside of the house..."?

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