"I am walking home."

Translation:Eve yürüyorum.

3 years ago



Can't you say 'Eve yuruyerek gidiyorum' (with the appropriate non-English characters, kindly forgive me) as well? How is this functionally different from the accepted translation?

3 years ago


"Eve yürüyerek gidiyorum" means "I am going home by walking". (Imagine you're saying you're going home by walking, not by biking.)

It is not necessarily a different meaning, but they are different translations. "Eve yürüyorum" should be translated as "I am walking home."

3 years ago


"I am walking home." Translation: Eve yürüyorum.

"I am cycling home." - Eve bisikleterim. Bisikletini - Your bike.

Just had to complete "biking" as mentioned by that Lovely German MOD.

3 months ago


so we say eve here vs evye ... why? i know evye looks bad, but some things i don't understand why the d (da/de) or y (ya/ye/yi) are dropped

2 months ago


Merhaba JenaPetrag

Please can you explain this? evye - kitchen sink in Turkish.

eve - home or house.

2 months ago
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