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  5. "I am walking home."

"I am walking home."

Translation:Eve yürüyorum.

March 23, 2015



Can't you say 'Eve yuruyerek gidiyorum' (with the appropriate non-English characters, kindly forgive me) as well? How is this functionally different from the accepted translation?


"Eve yürüyerek gidiyorum" means "I am going home by walking". (Imagine you're saying you're going home by walking, not by biking.)

It is not necessarily a different meaning, but they are different translations. "Eve yürüyorum" should be translated as "I am walking home."


"I am walking home." Translation: Eve yürüyorum.

"I am cycling home." - Eve bisikleterim. Bisikletini - Your bike.

Just had to complete "biking" as mentioned by that Lovely German MOD.


so we say eve here vs evye ... why? i know evye looks bad, but some things i don't understand why the d (da/de) or y (ya/ye/yi) are dropped


Merhaba JenaPetrag

Please can you explain this? evye - kitchen sink in Turkish.

eve - home or house.


The root is not 'eve' but 'ev', using Dative Case becomes 'eve'

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