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"La femme de mon fils ne veut pas de voiture, mais elle a un vélo."

Translation:My son's wife does not want a car, but she has a bicycle.

December 16, 2012



'The wife of my son' is perfectly good english. Reported. One can always draw a diagram for family relationships. But note, not everyone is family oriented. It's from the village.


Why not un/une voiture


There's a simpler way to express daughter in law in French I'd imagine?


Certainly, it's "belle-fille".


Why is plural not accepted? - la femme de mon fils ne veut pas de voitures, mais elle a un vélo

I think the pronunciation of voiture and voitures is same, and both use de since it is in a negative sentence.


je ne veux pas ceci/cela...de chocolat c est vrai qu on a tendance à le conjuguer au singulier le fait est ,si on remplace" pas de" par "aucune" le problême est résolu: pas de voiture du tout...aucune voiture! cqfd


How can you tell if its femme our faim? they sound almost the same


And what would that mean "la faim de mon fils ...?" So you need to listen to understand and not just find a word that is a homophone.


Bike as well as bicycle


For "vélo", you may always say either "bicycle" or "bike" whenever you type in your own answer.


"The wife of my son" is technically correct English. Yes, "my son's wife" is more common and interchangeable.

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