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  5. "Ye veya iç"

"Ye veya "

Translation:Eat or drink

March 23, 2015



Something seems funny (both ha-ha and strange) about having imperatives in the very first lesson. It's like walking into a classroom on the first day and having the teacher shout "EAT! DRINK!" at you.


they are the only versions without suffixes, so it makes sense to start with them.


Imperatives are not necessarily shouted. There can be a welcome feast and you are being told to help yourself. In the workplace when there is a training, there is often a brunch in the morning with it or a luncheon with an afternoon training. I only wished the computer could deliver on that!


I've been thinking about that too, kind of odd how the rest of the languages on duolingo start by teaching you how to say simple things like man or girl while turkish duolingo seems to be only intrested in eating bread and drinking water. Kinda funny how us turks are like that irl


First day of course :) Would this being an imperative "Eat or drink!" or just an abstraction "to eat or to drink"?


these are imperative.

infinitive (to eat and to drink) would be "Yemek ve içmek"


Turkish people are pretty hospitable and their food is delicious!


In Polish eats is ''Je" (Ye) and drink "Pić" (eech) Almost the same :)


In Russian we have "ешь!",which pronounced as Yesh! . Same roots obviously


So, I'm trying out the Turkish keyboard option on my Windows computer, and it's definitely different. However, I'm noticing that since I constantly have to swap back and forth between the Turkish and English to answer the questions in the lessons, I also have to constantly swap my keyboard layout which is frustrating. I think I can type pretty much everything except an English "i" and double quotes, unless I'm missing that option somewhere. Is there some way around this, or do I just have to get used to it?

EDIT: I think I have it figured out. For an English lowercase i, I simply use the key two spaces over from L. For an uppercase one, I use the usual English i key. Of course, I am still mixing up, but at least I don't have to swap so much now!


The key placed 2 right of the "L" key (not sure but it is the key for double quotes) writes the "i" whereas normal "I" writes "ı". And for the double quotes it was shift-2 or upper left key (the one onder ESC) I dont remember the layout very well


Keep in mind there are two different popular Turkish keyboards -- the older Turkish-F layout and the more currently popular Turkish-Q which is much closer to qwerty.


what's the diffrent beetwen the ı and i?? i can't undrestand this?


“in Turkish alphabet:

i = ee ı = e

"i" like "see"="si" & "ı" like "excellent"="ıxcel.”, “"I" pronounced like "itch"”.


these are imperative

infinitive (to eat and to drink) would be "yemek ve içmek"


I've spent months singing Turkish songs without knowing the meaning of the words, it feels nice to finally know the meaning of some of those words.


What is the difference between yer and ye?


Yer is the aorist (habitual or general action), third-person-singular conjugation of yemek, roughly equivalent to English "[he/she/it] eats."

Ye is the imperative, or "command" form of yemek; in Turkish, this encompasses both invitation (e.g. "eat all you like!") and orders (e.g. "eat your vegetables!")


Yer veya içer


Why is man both adam and ekmek

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