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Small issues, feedback

Hi all! Again, thanks and congrats to the team for all their hard work, done and to come :)

We're going to see a lot of discussions like this, so I figured having one central topic for giving feedback on small problems could be useful, if only to limit some of the redundancy and make it easier to cover the easier things. If this is not such a great idea, or if the team would rather start something like this on their own terms, this discussion can just sink :)

So I start:

  • in adjectives - 1 Tips and notes : "... This does not stand true if it is used as a compliment with the verb “to be” in English...", I think "complement" is what is meant.

  • I've found two sentences for which the audio won't play. I can remember only the one with "şanslar" in it. Is this one where the TTS is not so good? It's no big deal since you could read it anyway, but on the other one (which i reported but now can't remember), i got a "write what you hear" type of question, which left me with no possibility to answer. It was in the preliminary test to detect your level before you start the course, so perhaps this caused that...

March 23, 2015



1 has been fixed. I added that after the release and didn't get to read it before I posted it. 2 has been happening for some sentences. Feel free to report.


In skill 'locative', tips and notes:

For example, things about how we pronounce the plural marker -s in “cats” and “dogs” (one should sound like an ‘s’ and the other should sound like a ‘z’).

"think" rather than "things", no?

Also it might be better to add "in english" in that sentence. It is clear enough but when you binge on Turkish lessons you tend to not be as sharp after a while.. I was mentally trying to find already learned cases of kedi and köpek including a 'z'. But that could very well just be me

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