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Know this word perfectly? Remove from practice.

There were a few words that I thought I knew "perfectly", so I clicked the "Remove from practice" button on them, and now they are gone from my vocabulary lists! This is not what I expected. I cannot see them any more.

How can I get such words back? This has happened with (perhaps) half a dozen of my vocabulary words.

September 1, 2013



I think it temporarily makes them perfect and they will restart deteriorating on their own.


Thank you, Lenkvist. So you think that these words will eventually come back onto my vocabulary lists? Have you run into this phenomenon yourself? I appreciate your advice. I try to practice almost every day, so I do not think that my vocabulary words are going to deteriorate on their own.


Thank you for asking your question, there are probably more people who are interested in an answer. I remembered reading a comment by a staff member (kristinemc) about this topic. You can find it in this discussion: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/365650

She also mentions that they are trying to make it easier to put a word back into practice, but I'm not sure if that refers to a way to put words back on your own. She could also be referring to a recent overhaul in the way in which word strength is measured. In the past, some words never showed up during practice due to a flaw in the system. For more information, see this topic: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/486819

A staff member might be able to clarify that point. Whether words actually do return to practice on their own is something I don't know as I have never tried removing words. Don't worry about practising too much though, the program will likely continue giving you words even if all words have full bars. Your experience might also become more diverse once you have unlocked more words (did you recently delete your progress?).

Good luck with your learning. Feel free to make more comments if you keep experiencing problems or if you would like somebody else to respond to your question.


Thank you again for the helpful feedback! I appreciate it!


I am pretty sure that the words Duolingo deleted will not come back. The only thing i suggest you to do is just keep on doing the lessons when eventually you will catch up with the same words you used to have.


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