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  5. "Bir elma ye!"

"Bir elma ye!"

Translation:Eat an apple!

March 23, 2015



The pronunciation of that "female robot" is poor indeed :/ I hope it's because of beta testing. (native speaker)


feel free to recommend another one


it is not poor, you need to listen more words..


the verb at the end of the sentence?


Yes. Turkish has Subject-Object-Verb word order. This is explained in the notes at the beginning of the lesson! :)


Why since the "Ye" is at the back when it's supposed to be at the front?


It's not supposed to be at the front. Turkish word order is Subject Object Verb. See the Tips & Notes for the lesson.


Where can we find the tips and notes for the lesson


Speak ones never seem to work for me


Apparently the final "r" on a few common words like "bir" is often not pronounced. Unlike Russian, "r" is not trilled or emphasised: a bit like English. Final "r" is said to be often "fricative". To me it often sounds as if içer is "ee-ch-ash". Other times it sounds as if the front third of the tongue is touching the hard palate as if about to say "shhh", but iftge tongue is softened instead & you let the air flow out over the tongue, I think it sounds "fricative"


So you put the verb at the end??


Many languages mainly put the verb at the end (SOV): Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Turkish, Tamil, etc. Some languages would occasionally: German, Dutch, Latin, Russian, etc. Even French as well as Spanish has this kind of structure when the Object is a pronoun: Je t'aime./ Yo te amo. According to statistics, there are more SOV languages than SVO languages(English, Chinese, etc.), only that there were more people who speaks SVO languages(just look at how many people speak English and Chinese!)


The tips & notes said that there are no articles whatsoever in Turkish,

But what is 'bir' then? It translates as 'an' which is an article.


i believe it's like a counter, like "eat (an/one) apple". Bir = one (literally: 1bir, 2iki, 3uç,etc.), just as birkaç = some. I'm just a beginner, but I do speak with my turkish aunt sometimes :)


eat an apple without capitalization and exclamation point should be accepted as it is in other languages to make typing easier


I like the way words and phrases are peached here - but sometimes I make mistakes, which are accepted... e.g. I wrote "Bir elma yer!" instead "Bir elma ye!", which was accepted as correct. Is this a mistake or not? Or is this just a mistake of the program?


What's difference between "Bir elma ye!" and "Elma ye!"?


You can say both - you say "bir" if you mean "one" apple. If you say "Elma ye" you do not exactly define the numbers of apples to eat. If you exactly define a special apple to eat you have to use the accusative form elmayi (without the i-point)


Bir elme ye means eat an apple and Elma ye means Eat apple


When is it ye and not yer


Thanks for that.


When it's a command like this one it's "ye!"

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