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  5. "Ben yerim."

"Ben yerim."

Translation:I eat.

March 23, 2015



Can "I eat" be translated like "yerim"? (Like "I drink" is translated "içerim")


Why does yemek -> ye, become yer + im or sin etc? Where does the r come from? Same for iç I suppose, now it is içer + im or sin.


-r is the aorist tense suffix- it is taught in detail in the aorist tense skill. for the first skills we only teach eat and drink


I hear "ban berim" instead of "ban yerim". Isn't that bad recording?


pronunciation is not perfect but it is OK. I hear "ben yerim". and anyway we cannot change it


Does it also mean "I'm the ground"?


Yeah, it also means that.. :D


'ben' is not pronounced like in english, it's more like 'ban' isn't it?


Kind of like something in between


Here is another site that has pronunciation by native speakers: http://www.forvo.com/search-tr/ben%20yerim%20ben%20i%c3%a7erim/


So is it just as correct to say "yerim" as to say "ben yerim"? Would one be used in more formal conversations?


In Turkish, personal pronouns can may turn out, because there are shapes for suffix of personal pronouns. For example: I eat - Ben yer + im = yerim You eat - Sen yer + sin = yersin etc.


Oh ,I like the way you explained it


nothing about being formal or informal, you use the pronouns only if you want to emphasize them


Am I crazy that the "i" in "yerim" sounds more like /e/ than /i/? It makes sense with the vowel harmony, but I've also been told that written Turkish is very phonetic... So I'm not quite sure what to make of that. Or, is this a case of vowel reduction?


You are not crazy. However, the pronunciation of the TTS is not perfect. Also when people speak quickly, I wonder if it sounds slightly different. The language is phonetic. Once you learn the Turkish sounds for each letter, they will be used every time you see that letter. Are you thinking of the English sounds for those letters. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/7702767 http://www.forvo.com/search-tr/ben%20yerim%20ben%20i%c3%a7erim/

I too am waiting to hear if vowel reduction is involved?


That would mean "I am eating" :)

[deactivated user]

    What are the subject conjugation for eat? I eat you eat He/she/it eats we eat you eat they eat?


    Ben yerim (I) Sen yersin (you) O yer (he/she/it) Biz yeriz (we) Onlar yer/yerler (they)

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