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  5. "D'fhás an gairdín go mall."

"D'fhás an gairdín go mall."

Translation:The garden grew slowly.

March 23, 2015



Why does it say I've typed in English not Irish when I type "D'fhás an gardaín go mall"? I may have misspelled Gairdín, but it's CLEARLY not English. This is incredibly annoying. It's only off by a couple of letters, for God's sake, and I can't get the corrected version? ❤❤❤?


Why is "has grown" rejected?


While the English present perfect is often translated into the simple past in Irish, there's no obvious reason for not translating the Irish simple past into the English simple past, so probably it's just the case that nobody has ever considered it necessary to request the addition of a present perfect translation of this exercise.

Translating from English to Irish, tâ an gairdín tar éis fás go mall would be a better translation of "the garden has grown slowly", in my opinion.

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