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Question about Skill Points in Immersion

I just started with Immersion and I don't understand the system completely (yet).

How many Skill Points do you get for translating? It is more then one per sentence, isn't it? Does it depend on the word count in the sentence? And do you get them immediately or only after the sentence is checked and marked correct by someone else? Do you get points too if you correct someone else's sentence, also if it's only a small correction?

And is there somewhere a Help about the Immersion section where I could have found answers to these questions?

September 1, 2013



When you click on an untranslated sentence, it will say "get x points for translating this". It does seem to have to do with sentence length or number or words. Longer sentences get you more points.

You get one point for marking another user's correction as either "looks good" or "looks wrong", regardless of the length of the sentence.

You get points for editing sentences as well. The number of points for that seems to be a combination of 1) how long the sentence is, and 2) how much you change.

In every case, you get the points right away, although you often have to refresh your home page before they show up in your totals.


I've been doing a few Spanish translations and you get the point immediately, even if it's corrected later on be someone else. It seems to be for a single word or single sentence you get one skill point, but as the sentences increase it become more than one per sentence, I'm not sure what the exact way of calculating it is. As for if you get points for correcting or if there's a help I don't know sorry ^^

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