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Typing Turkish characters on a Mac

I like to use keyboard only when I'm doing Duolingo, however I initially was having trouble figuring out how to type the special Turkish characters on my Mac.

I finally figured it out, so for those wondering:

  • Open System Preferences and select Language & Text
  • Choose "Input Sources" and check "US - Extended"

This should let you switch to the US - Extended keyboard layout. Then, it's just a matter of typing the right combinations:

ç = Opt+c, c

ş = Opt+c, s

ğ = Opt+b, g

ı = Opt+w, i

İ = Opt+w, I

ü = Opt+u, u

ö = Opt+u, o

Hope this helps! İyi şanslar!

March 23, 2015



On Linux (and Windows, as far as I know) you can set a compose key. You could also try setting an international keyboard layout (if it exists for your keyboard layout).


I've been limping along all day with an int'l keyboard layout that put ı where my fingers expect i to be & took away my question marks. I cannot tell you how happy I am to have this information! Thank you! Have a lingot.


If you pick the Turkish - QWERTY option rather than US Extended, the layout is just like the US standard board and all you have to do is press option and the "corresponding" Turkish letter (e.g. opt+s=ş, opt+o=ö, opt+c=ç, opt+i=ı, opt+shift+I=İ, etc). Might seem small but it cuts down on a keystroke that you can screw up easily. I type Turkish regularly this way and it's even faster than learning a new keyboard layout IMHO for a fast typist.


Hello! what I did was installing a program named Ukelele and edited the keyboard layout directly, according to my necessities. I needed Portuguese and Turkish characters on a Spanish layout... You can duplicate your current layout and edit it, then add the new layout file from the keyboard menu in the control panel.


I can't believe you only got two lingots for sharing this! Well, here's another! Cheers!

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