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mormor and farfar

do only children say mormor and farfar or is it something everyone uses?

March 23, 2015



Everyone uses it, at least as far as I know ^^


Ditto. The kiddish forma ('mum/mummy') are, I believe, "mamma" and "pappa". "Mor" and"far" are just normal words for "mother" and "father" (although there are also "moder" and "fader", which I believe are basically old fashioned and not now much used... but I may be wrong!)


It's my impression that mamma and pappa are the normal forms nowadays, and that mor and far are slightly archaic and formal, although not to the same degree as moder and father, which indeed are not used often today. I'm a bit unsure though, which is a bit embarrasing actually ^^'


Sorry, you're a bit off. The normal words are mamma and pappa for the majority of the population. Some people, especially if they're, say, >= 70 years old, do use mor and far - but it's rare and it sounds somewhat formal or snobby. And as you say, moder and fader are very old-fashioned and formal.


Interesting. All my Swedish books usually list "mamma" and "pappa" as near equivalents to "mum(my)" and "dad(dy)" and "mor" and "far" as the normal words for "mother" and "mother"...

... I'm not doubting you, by the way! But that is what I have learnt. :-)

In other news, "mother" and "father" are pretty old-fashioned in English, too: I would only ever refer to people's "mums" and "dads", myself.

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