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I found a slight glitch with the Course on Mobile......

So if you go to your Duolingo app, you may see that this language is "unsupported for mobile". After a few times opening and closing the app, it started....working! I was then in a lesson, running fine when all of the sudden, the message pops up! I do not know why this happens when it obviously worked for me. Anyone have a reason? Thanks!


Nevermind, there are some glitches such as not teaching you the words before prompting you with sentences.

RE-EDIT: I did an entire lesson on the mobile app with only a bit of trouble near the beginning.

March 23, 2015



I couldn't even get into Turkish via mobile at all! (iOS)


I think its just a glitch where you can get it, I had to kill the app and reopen several times to even see the tree.


I just tried and it did the same thing! I did one lesson and at the end it came up with the message. I'll post my own topic with some screenshots.

Edit: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/7707410

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