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"Ben baykuşum ama yakışıklıyım."

Translation:I am an owl, but I am handsome.

March 23, 2015



Duo has a lot of self-confidence. Wouldn't you if you were able to teach millions of people, and were always expanding the amount of languages you know and teach? :-)


This is a phrase I know I will be using fairly often in Turkey. Common street slang.


Serious question for this stupid statement: why is "I am an owl but handsome" incorrect?


I think the answer is simply that whilst that may match the meaning of the Turkish it is not actually what the Turkish says. 'yakışıklıyım' means 'I am handsome', it does not mean simply 'handsome'.


What's the difference between baykuşum and baykuştur?


baykuşum / I am an owl
baykuştur / he, she, it is an owl

if you use the web version you have access to tips and notes where you can read about suffixes to express "to be"


Can't it be "I am owl, but i am handsome" where is the "bir" for an?


"I am owl" is wrong in English because owl is countable and a determiner must be brought before the noun. In Turkish, it is not necessary to bring a determiner before a noun. However, when translating the sentence into English, bringing a determiner before a countable noun is a must. Of course, you don't want to destroy English, do you? :D


i just cant get yakisikliyim from audio alone


That's quite often the case I find. The reason given by the mod's is that the audio is computer-generated and so not always entirely accurate and they can do nothing about it. To view the problem in a positive light when listening to everyday speech in Turkey the words will not always be spoken clearly and as we develop our understanding of the language we'll be able to better pick up the clues and fill in the gaps in a sensible way.


it is too fast. And also it has terrible pronanciation


Okuyamıyo lan


Turkce öğrenmek isteyen varsa bana ulaşsın öğretirim en kolay dil turkce abi

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