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An Grá faoi Ghlas

This is a video series put out with Turas Teanga. They speak slowly, so everyone can easily understand. There's subtitles in Irish (though I suspect you'll find some with English ones, too).

It also showcases all three dialects, with one character having a thick Donegal one, and another using the Munster synthetic forms (though not super Munster - only Cheapas instead of Do cheapas).


March 24, 2015



Go raibh maith agat! I just started with Irish, but I was able to pick up some words and phrases. Next month I'll have my first Irish lesson with a teacher. I am so glad I found one in my area! :-)


Aaah. I remember being shown this in secondary school. God it's so cheesy.


Nach í sin an fhírrine!

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Thanks. I was quite sure I wasn't going to understand a single word but, to my surprise, I managed to get even whole sentences here and there. I think I need to get more accostumed to the sound of Irish, though.


Go raibh míle. Now that I've finished the tree, I'm looking for more immersive methods, and this works great. One question: Is this a show designed to be shown at schools? I'm only asking because the people seem to speak much slower than the hosts of, say, An Saol Ó Dheas on RnaG, and I'm curious if it's because some people speak slower than others or if it's intentional for the sake of understanding.


I should say, if you get to the point where you can easily understand An Saol Ó Dheas, you are essentially fluent in terms of listening comprehension, i.e. it's probably the hardest thing you can do. Fair play to you for doing it, I'd keep at it.


Céard é do thuaraim faoi 'Ardtrathnóna' agus Comhrá le MTS?


Is breá liom "Comhrá" agus éistím le hArdtráthnóna anois is aríst. Taithí éisteachta maith 'sea iad araon.

I would recommend to everybody to listen to the programme Comhrá, it is fantastic practice for understanding every dialect and they typically have strong dialectal speakers on the programme. I think it is the best intermediate listening practice available.

Ar thugais fé ndeara an nós cainte sin atá ag MTS "seaaaaaaa, bagh dad"? Bíonn a lán daoine ag magadh fé ina thaobh, ach magadh cairdiúla atá i gceist.


Do thugas. Chonac físeán freisin (MTS ag caint le MTS)


Á, is greannmhar an físeán é.


This is designed as part of a course. So, yes, it's meant to be slower.


Holy cow, this is hilarious. GRMA!

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