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"Halam, amcam ve babam kardeştir."

Translation:My aunt, uncle and father are siblings.

March 24, 2015



Why "My aunt, my uncle and my father are brothers" is not correct


Aunts are women, and women can't be brothers. "Sibling" is the gender-neutral term in English.


whats the difference between halam and teyzem


Halam is a father's sister and teyzem is a mother's sister. Same goes to amca and dayı. Amca is a father's brother, dayı is a mother's brother.


Interesting that "hala" is derived from Arabic خالة, which means "teyze." How did it develop to be this way? Is it because عمة is too similar to عم? Why are the paternal terms derived from Arabic anyway? Did Turks not have that distinction until their contact with the Arabs? Was there a time when "teyze" was both a maternal and paternal aunt?


why is it incorrect to say "my father's" sister instead of my aunt?


It is NOT incorrect. It's just too verbose/lengthy. Father's sister = aunt.

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