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  5. "Evden bahçeye kadar koşuyor."

"Evden bahçeye kadar koşuyor."

Translation:She is running from home to the garden.

March 24, 2015



Is kadar necessary here, or is just for emphasis?


kadar means until / up to. so here it's optional


So does kadar here signify that when she gets to the garden she will stop running?


Yes, exactly.


So what's the translation then? He is running from the house UP TO the garden?


The correct translation given was: "She is running from the house to the garden". This, literally translates as: "Evden bahçeye koşuyor" without "kadar" needed. In my opinion, "Evden bahçeye kadar koşuyor", would be: "She is running from the house up to (or "as far as") the garden".


The issue here is that "to the garden" is vague in English and doesn't necessarily imply that she entered it. :)


I don't quite understand your meaning. How does running "to the garden" or running "as far as the garden" imply being "in the garden"? The sentence only states "as far as". She ran into the garden would be stated as "bahçenin içine koştu".


When you go to the post office do you stop outside and stand there? People will generally assume that you went there and entered, but you may not have. As Alex said, it's vague in English.


Ah so kadar means "not into, but just up until".


Even so, it would not mean that she stayed outside the garden, only that she stopped running when she reached it.


"up to" the garden, without context, is even more vague in English :) But at least I am learning something, cheers!


"Evden bahçeye kadar koşuyor." Translation: She is running from home to the garden.


Correct other English translation: She is running from home as far as the garden.

Duo inserted "kadar" into the Turkish question.

Ev + "-den" (ablative.) From a place.

kadar - (adjective.) Meaning: "as far as."

  1. As ... as: Fil kadar büyük as big as an elephant.
  2. As much as: O yapabildiği kadar yaptı. She did as much as she could.
  3. /a/ up to, as far as (a place); until, up to (a time); by (a time); within (a time).

Answered on the 18/11/2018


thank you for this! you inadvertently corrected an exact statement i attempted to say earlier. my friends are too polite to correct me (thus, not helpful in advancing my cognition) i.e. it was helpful on several levels




^ & lingot.

Çok sağ ol ve teşekkürler.


how did you guys know that the sentence is talking about a "she or a he" and not "you"


The conjugation of koşuyor instead of koşuyorsun or koşuyorsunuz


Because there's no way of telling you can take your pick


why use bahceye not bahceyi?


Kosmak takes the dative for saying where somebody is running to.


I put "she is running from the house as far as the garden" and it was marked wrong. Why? I don't understand, when kadar literally means "up to", or "as far as"



Good morning.

"Evden bahçeye kadar koşuyor." Translation: She is running from home to the garden.

Ev + "-den" (ablative). From a place.

Evden - Has an ambiguous meaning. Home & house. Duo may not accept house as a correct answer.

Your adverb (kadar) is fine & gives additional information about the garden being the limit of the running.

"Kadar" - until. "As far as." Preposition in Turkish.

(Adverb) & (conjunction) - "up to."

I'm saying your English answer is correct to the Turkish question being asked.

Kind regards.


Yes house is used a lot in English when talking about home . I say 'I am going home' (my apartment) ' I am still at home ' but I would say I haven't left my house yet NOT I haven't left my home yet so in UK English it can be a bit confusing!!


why is it not they? should it have been only so as to avoid the -lar on kusuyor?


For it to be plural, the sentence should have been "Onlar evden bahçeye kadar koşuyor" or "Evden bahçeye kadar koşuyorlar". The plural needs to be expressed at least once. Either with a personal pronoun "onlar" or with -lar at the end of the verb.


Thank you!!!!!


"She is running from home up to the garden" was marked as wrong??


and of course they put "kadar" in the course like from outer space...which should have extra explanation in my opinion xD


Why include the word “kadar”. The sentence works without it?


"Evden bahçeye kadar koşuyor." Translation: She is running from home to the garden.

She is running from home as far as the garden.

This answer is still declined by Duo & reflects, "kadar" in the Turkish question.

Kadar --> "far" & "this far."

Reported as being correct on the 03/08/2021


Why I can't use "house"in the translation?


Hello Mergen24

"Evden bahçeye kadar koşuyor." She is running from home to the garden.

Why I can't use "house" in the translation?

Very good question. You should be able to but Duo will decline your answer.

This English answer should be accepted by Duo;

"She is running from the house to the garden."

The Turkish question remains unchanged to above English answer.

Sorry that's all I can explain.

Thank you.

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