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"De technische universiteit voert onderzoek uit naar computers."

Translation:The university of technology conducts research on computers.

March 24, 2015



In case anyone is wondering, or confused as I was, uitvoeren is used, and has been split, because uit is a separable prefix.


Literally "to outcarry" or carry out! :D


Does this mean both that they conduct research using computers and they research about computers?


"onderzoek naar" = research about computers "onderzoek op" = research using computers


I was checking the comments because I was confused as to why "naar" was used instead of "op" and BOOM! There you are with all that wonderful wisdom! Bedankt!


Neither: They conduct research after computers. The whole sentence suffers from the slight differences between the expressions of the two languages. As it happens, "onderzoek doen naar" ("onderzoek", by the ways is less abstract than "research"; e.g. one could do "een onderzoek") is mostly research about the existence or non-existence. Thus, we're talking here about someone specifically doing tests to determine whether computers exist.

The "conducts research" is fine in general, but it should probably be "is researching" to make it less abstract.


Could you use "over" interchangably with "naar" here?


No, over wouldn't work here.


'over' to me is 'about' in English; i.e: "wij praten over computers." Is 'over' only used in certain contexts then?


In Dutch is the terminology "in" with regard to fields used? i.e. "They conduct research in [the field of] computing"


"In the field of" would best translate to "op het gebied van" I would say. Having a look on Google I also see a fair amount of "in het gebied van", I had a look if I could find a reference somewhere on if that would be correct but have not been able to find that (yet).

Anyway "op het gebied van" is always correct, "in het gebied van" might be right, but might also be the result of people using "in the field of" and changing the "op" for "in" as a result.


Is this also correct usage? "Mijn inkomsten zijn in het gebied van 100.000 euro."


No this is not correct. You should say 'zijn ongeveer 100.000 euro'


But ongeveer means approximately, so ongeveer 100k is perhaps 98k-102k. But, if I want to be less precise, I could say "in the region of" which implies a greater possible range (say 90k-110k). Wouldn't "in het gebied van" serve that purpose?


It would serve that purpose if the Dutch speakers decided so. But they didn't decide that, so it does not have this meaning.


Why are two verbs "uit naar" used in this sentence? To me this says 'The technical university conducts research from to computers??


There's only one verb, namely: uitvoeren.


"The technical university conducts research about computers" is now accepted (2019-05-26). ^_^


Finally the words are draggable and you can reorder them, what took so long...


Google automatically capitalizes Technische and Universiteit. Capitals are not needed in English. What is normal in Dutch?

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