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Glitch in the iOS app with Turkish (with screenshots)

I recently saw a post regarding this, and I decided to try it for myself. I opened my app, got into Turkish, and completed one lesson. After the lesson, it came up with the message that Turkish isn't supported in mobile yet. I know Turkish isn't available on mobile yet, by the way. I just wanted to show staff that it is possible to somewhat complete lessons on the app.

March 24, 2015



How did you get into Turksh? When I tried it it did not give me an option!


The same thing happened to me today. I practiced Turkish for the first time last night on my computer. When I opened the app at work today, Turkish was there. I did a lesson and then it kicked me out of Turkish, changed the app's language and I could not select Turkish at all. The app, as far as I can tell, checks which language you practiced last (be that on the app itself or on your computer) and opens to that language automatically - interesting bug.


If you have a slow mobile phone it takes a long time to tell you that this course is not supported, so you can try the course until that message appears.

And if you disconnected the internet connection and opened the app you can go all over the tree but you can't enter the skills.


My internet is actually very fast. I actually got the message at first, clicked out of it somehow and was able to try the course on mobile. After one lesson though, I assume as it was saving, it had trouble and came up with the message.


There are many bugs to access the course from mobile !!

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