"I read newspapers."

Translation:Ben gazete okurum.

3 years ago


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Why is this 'newspapers' in plural but gazeteler is incorrect?'

3 years ago


Should be correct. In fact, ask me, it's more correct than "ben gazete okurum" which I translate as the general activity of "I read the newspaper."

I think the mods were going with the idea that in English a lot of times "general activities" use plurals ("I read books" or "I paint walls") but "I read the newspaper" is a touch idiomatic in English, since it's used for the general activity with no reference to a specific paper.

You would only say "I read newspapers" if you SPECIFICALLY read multiple ones for whatever reason. ("I am an archivist, I read newspapers every day." or "I read newspapers because I have too much time on my hands.")

3 years ago


it should be plural since its newspapers sorry

1 year ago


Can someone tell me why it's not okurim ?

3 weeks ago
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